Monday, 29 November 2010

Eliane At Finishing School

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to lead such a wonderfully charmed life. I have already had several mind blowing play experiences: Lowewood days that I have giggled my way through like a giddy school girl; the dramatic, but beautifully elegant contrast that was the Regency House Party; delightful weekends away and parties with friends; trips abroad to meet like minded people. All of this in the space of just under three years since I first came out, and in reality more like 18 months.

And now I have yet another amazing experience to mull over. A weekend finishing school, led by the esteemed Miss Darling and the wonderfully formidable Miss Hammond-Grant. I think I've probably developed a wee crush on these two lovely ladies, who alternated between scaring poor Jemima silly(ish) and taking every situation in their stride with a twinkle in their eyes.

Jemima will of course be having her say about Finishing School, but in the meantime, Eliane would like to say a thank you from the heart to Lucy and Amy for the most wonderful education a lady could have! I had a fantastic time, got the opportunity to meet several people that I've wanted to renew my acquaintance with, several that I've seen far too little of lately, and several that I was privileged to meet for the very first time.

Jemima may have been the one who was being finished (off?) but I took away some very useful lessons:

  • To always count the steps before going down them (courtesy of a little incident in the kitchen on the first night)
  • That I am, in fact, also allergic to raspberries as well as strawberries.
  • That Mac make up is a wonderful thing.
  • That mojitos are also wonderful. Especially now I know how to make them.
  • That there are, surprisingly, people out there who are even more adept at keeping on digging
  • when they find themselves in a hole than me. Which is impressive.

So, to the Tutors, the bachelors, and my fellow young ladies, you were all wonderful.

Thank you.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Jemima Writes To A Friend

Dear Emily,
You won't bloody well believe what my grandmother's gone and done now. You know I said I was going to visit you next during next weekend's exeat? Well that's all out the window now. She's sending me off to some finishing school. She says that “while Miss Marwood and Miss Cavendish, my etiquette teachers at Lowewood have done a wonderful job with raw material, she thinks I need to spend a period of time purely focussed on the business of being a young lady without any academic hindrances.” I mean seriously, what planet it she from??
So yeah, instead of getting to spend the weekend with you having fun, I'm being shipped off to the middle of nowhere to be “finished off”. Too bloody right it'll finish me off. Not only is it a finishing school, but it's one that uses “traditional discipline”, yes, just like Lowewood. You don't do what they want, they whack you... lovely, eh? And you can guarantee I'll get my share of whackings, just like Lowewood. It's not like I try to misbehave even, it just happens!
And do you know what the worst thing is? I have to pretend to be thrilled by this “wonderful opportunity.” This place, can't even remember it's name, is apparently THE finishing school, and I'm very lucky to have been accepted, as everyone wants to go there. So I have to pretend to be all happy and write polite notes saying how wonderful it is that I'm going. Ugh.
I suppose it could be worse. My friend Caoilfhionn is going as well. I've told you about her, right? She's great fun, even she can be a bit good at times. Anyway, at least I'll know someone, and hopefully we can have some fun among all the “ladylike” stuff.
I hope you have a bloody great weekend, and if I survive, I'll write to you and tell you all about it!
Luv ya loads,

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Show That Ate My Life

Kink has been a little absent from my life over the last month. This is because I'm in what I now know as The Show That Ate My Life. We were rehearsing three nights a week before I went on holiday, since I came back we've been rehearsing four or five nights a week. That, plus working pretty much equals no life. No life equals no kink. The show is also the reason why Lady Francesca did not visit Fawcett Hall this year, and why Eliane will not be going to the Shamrock Spanking Society party in Ireland. So yeah, this show has eaten my life, both vanilla and kinky.

Despite being trapped in my kink free desert, there is one little fantasy that keeps rearing its head. I would LOVE to go on stage with a fresh set of cane stripes. The idea of going to the theatre having just been caned, welts throbbing on my bottom, is very hot. We share communal dressing rooms, and there will be 10 or so ladies in there. It's rather exciting to think that I could be there with my several costume changes, having to hide the stripes from people. Of course, I don't actually have the time to get the nice fresh stripes, but it doesn't stop it being a nice thought to keep myself going over the next couple of weeks.