Wednesday 27 October 2010


A conversation the other day led me to ponder the nature of "drop". It's sort of an accepted part of what we do, but it's not often something we talk about, or at least that I remember having many conversations about.
As I've talked about before, I always used to think that I couldn't "get" drop, as I didn't seem to get those endorphin highs that some people have, and drop was all about the come down from the endorphin high.

Over time I've realised that whether or not I experience an endorphin high (and that question is still open to debate) I most certainly do experience drop after playing. For me it's very much an emotional reaction, and can vary from feeling a bit down the day after I've played, to full blown emotional meltdown, tears, depression, the works. It's generally linked to the intensity of a scene - the more intense something is, the worse the drop, and things like weekend role plays or weekends away with friends have the biggest effect. I become very emotionally vulnerable when it's over, and I'm "coming down" from all my fun. And I may well stay like that for a good couple of days. Being able to distract myself with other things will sometimes help, though not always. In a Harry Potter dementor sort of a way chocolate helps. Talking through experiences with friends who shared them also helps, but isn't always possible. Sometimes I just need to go with it and wallow.

For me, nasty though it is, drop is the price I pay for the fun I have, and it's a price that I'm willing to pay. At least for now. Who knows, I may decide in the future that I can't cope with the aftermath anymore.

I'm interested to hear what other people think about drop, (and I fully acknowledge that it's not just a phenomenon that affects bottoms, tops get drop too). Do you suffer from drop? Is it an acceptable price to pay? How much is too much? Does experiencing drop afterwards take away from the enjoyment of playing in the first place? What do you do to combat the drop? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Sunday 24 October 2010

What I Did On My Holidays

Well, to be honest, I didn't do much at all. I read lots and swam lots, and slept lots. And that's about it. One day I did do something, which was to go to La Granja, a country estate in the hills, which still has the large Hacienda style house open to the public, and dressed in a turn of the century (as in 19th/20th!) style.
It's nice to know that even abroad, there were proper measures in places for keeping the young ladies of the house is order:

The carpet beaters hanging ready for the maids who have done the ironing wrong.

The wooden spoons displayed on the wall to remind the kitchen girls to keep their minds on the job.

And any suggestions as to what this is on the bed, would be welcome!

Thursday 21 October 2010

Loving The Lurkers

As it's Love Our Lurkers Day V, the tradition started by Bonnie where we invite people who may lurk in the background to come out of the blog closet and say hi.

Given that my poor blog is sorely neglected at the moment, I probably haven't got any lurkers, or indeed readers left, but if you are out there, and fancy saying hi (and you can say just that if you want!) I'd love to hear from you.

You never know what you can start from saying hi. I have my wonderful group of friends today because I said hi on a blog.

So if you do happen to have dropped by, give me a wave. You never know, it might even give me the kick up the pants I need to write another post!


Friday 1 October 2010


It's not like I'm updating enough at the moment for my absence to make the slightest difference to anything, but I thought that I'd take a few minutes to gloat about the fact that I will not be posting for the next week as I'll be of doing precisely nothing in the sun for a week.
Well, that's not entirely true. I'm taking a pile of books and plan to swim lots and read lots, but apart from that I won't be doing much. No phone, no internet access, no twitter, no facebook, certainly no work. Bliss.

I also realised today that I haven't had a full week off in a year - even Florida was only six days, and one of those was spent travelling. (And wonderful though Florida and FMS were, they couldn't be described as relaxing.)

So hopefully I'll be back in a week's time, relaxed, no longer full of cold and crap, ready to face my incredibly busy last part of the year, and with a notebook full of kinky stories to write up. That's the plan at any rate.