Sunday 20 July 2008

Coming Clean

OK, so I decided to come clean about who I really am. And when I say who I really am, I mean who I cyber am, or something.
When I created this blog a couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to keep my blogging alias separate from the alias I use on all the other spanking sites I go on, in case I wanted to reveal anything "really" personal here... There are some people who know who my 'alias' is in real life, and though they are unlikely ever to stumble across this blog I still decided better safe than sorry...
However, I've decided that having 'real' me, plus two fake me, was getting awfully close to multiple personality disorder...
Also some people who I already know a little from cyber land have already commented here and I decided I wanted to be honest.
So, my primary alias, and the one I will be using from now on is Eliane, and some of you already know me by that :-)

This may mean that I will not post some of the really personal stuff that I might otherwise have done, just in case, but hey, I can live with that!
Thanks for reading. There will probably never be anything earth shattering here, and I mostly just blog for myself, as a place to write down the rubbish that goes through my head, but it's nice when people stop by and say 'hi'


Wednesday 16 July 2008

Spanking and Genetics

On one of the forums I’m on, there’s a discussion going on about whether spanking is genetic or not. Now for my own part, I have no reason to believe that I inherited my love of spanking from anyone, or that my parents or sibling were at all into anything like that, but I have spoken to people who know that their siblings are also kinky, and some bloggers who suspect, or sometimes actually know that their parents or children are into it.
All this has got me thinking. What would I do if I had children who were nearing adulthood and who I suspected were spankos. Would I try to talk to them about it and risk alienating and/or upsetting them once they knew what Mum and Dad got up to in the bedroom? Would I just leave well alone and hope that it took them less time than it took me to realise that wanting to be spanked or to spank is not some perverted, weird desire but a valid part of their sexuality?

I honestly don’t know. As I don’t have kids it’s a hypothetical anyway, but would I want to see anyone spend a large portion of their adult life (well, it was12 years for me) thinking their fantasies were wrong and dirty, especially when it was someone I loved and wanted to be happy? I sure as hell wish someone had taken me aside at 18 and told me it was nothing to be ashamed of. However, would I have wanted that to be my parents? I’m not so sure about that.

I’m bringing myself down writing this, but it just seems a very strange world we live in where homosexuality is accepted, adultery is often accepted, but being into consensual adult spanking is seen as totally perverted and something to be kept hidden at all costs. But that’s probably another post altogether anyway!

Sunday 13 July 2008

Butt ache...

But not from spanking I'm afraid... not much of that has happened over the last couple of weeks. However, I went swimming today, and goodness knows what I did, but my right butt cheek hurts like it's been spanked! Shame there wasn't the actual spanking to go with it. Ah well. One of these days... maybe.

Tuesday 1 July 2008

How did I get here?

How did I get here? I’m your typical spanko in that I’ve been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember. I was one of those children who found the spanking bits in children’s stories fascinating. I used to try and spank myself with things as well. Then as I got older I realised that society probably wouldn’t appreciate my little fantasies, and that, in fact, they were considered wrong. So I basically suppressed my spanking desires.
Then about four years ago, I put the word ‘spanking’ into the web. And like so many other people, I discovered a whole new world out there! For about three years I just read various spanking stories, a lot of them from the
Bethany’s Woodshed family of sites. Then about a year ago I joined Second Life, mostly because I was interested to see what it was like and how it worked. But when I’d spend a few hours wandering around and not really finding anything interesting, I wondered what would happen if I typed in the word spanking… and oh boy, if you want some virtual spanking, that’s the place to go. For about four months I explored my kinky side on Second Life, and also self spanked a few times taking direction from Doms on there.
I was getting a little obsessed… one day I went to dinner with friends having spent the best part of the previous 24 hours on Second Life. I was in a very strange mood all through the dinner, but claimed that I’d been up late playing the Sims (well it was a simulation…!) and that’s why I was acting a bit loopy… Now, the friend who was hosting the evening has freely admitted in the past that she is kinky, and likes bondage and spanking. The next morning, I made what would become a life changing decision. I called her and ‘came out’! She was really sympathetic and suggested that I go check out a well known UK BDSM site. And that was the start of the next stage of my spanko journey…