Sunday, 18 September 2011

Knicker Survey

Inspired by a conversation on Twitter today, I'd like to survey the number on knickers people possess, to see whether the general feeling on twitter, that most kinky girls have silly amounts of knickers, is in fact correct. I've included guys, just in case you have a view on this *very* important topic.

Of course, to make this even vaguely scientifically worthy, I'd need to go and survey non kinky people as well, to see whether there is a statistically variation in knicker possession between the two groups. Or something like that. But I'm not about to start asking vanilla friends questions about their knickers, so here we go, my utterly unscientific survey:

Knicker Survey

How many pairs of knickers do you have?

I'm a woman and I have over 200 pairs
I'm a woman and I have between 100 and 200 pairs
I'm a woman and I have between 50 and 100 pairs
I'm a woman and I have between 20 and 50 pairs
I'm a woman and I have under 20 pairs
I'm a man and I have over 200 pairs
I'm a man and I have between 100 and 200 pairs
I'm a man and I have between 50 and 100 pairs
I'm a man and I have between 20 and 50 pairs
I'm a man and I have under 20 pairs

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The People I Play With

This past couple of months have seen me playing rather more than the previous couple of months (and possibly some months before that!) Some scenes are very short, lasting minutes at most, some far longer, two or three hours. As I was thinking over some of these scenes it struck me just how varied the styles of the various people I play with are.

There are great role players - imaginative, and able to create and see through believable scenes, sometimes over extended periods of time.

There are the people who are downright mean, and who don't particularly care that they are, in a rather hot way.

There are people who are give the most gentle and caring spankings, that make you feel warm and glowy. Yes, glowy's a word. My blog, my words!

There are those people with whom I can be really submissive, though even then that manifests itself in different ways with different people, depending on their styles.

There are people who can deliver perfect floggings, ones that leave me so spaced out I can barely talk.

There are people with whom there was instant chemistry, which the passing of time doesn't seem to diminish.

There are the ones where spankings are just downright fun, lighthearted things to be played with, inducing smiles and laughter.

There are the ones who let me spank them, and who will probably give far better than they get in return.

There are the ones who are willing to see me cry, to push me to that and let me have that release.

There are the ones who I could talk all night with instead of playing, because we are friends beyond spanking.

A lot of people are combinations of several of these.

How lucky am I that I can have all that variety, and so many different experiences?

Pretty darn lucky, if you ask me.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Raindrops On Roses....

Etc. etc.
Well, I'm always going on about what I *don't* like, so I thought for once I'd think about some of my favourite things!

So what do I like when it comes to all things spanking?

I like nice, long hand spankings with lots of build up and rubbing of cheeks.
I like straps that thud but don't sting.
I like floggings. Soft ones. Hard ones. Ones that wake me up. Ones that send me into a wonderful stupor. Ones that involve parts of me other than my bottom. In fact I love floggings.
I like being embarrassed with people I trust.
I like being made to cry. Some days I just really, really need that.
I like my head being messed with a little bit in a scene.
I like the relationship that builds up over time when you play with someone, how trust deepens to allow you to play in more intense ways.
I like that there are certain women that I rather enjoy whacking, and who also, and more importantly, let me whack them!

Most of all, I love the fact that I have such a fabulous network of friends who are there with spankings, love, support and friendship.