Monday, 29 November 2010

Eliane At Finishing School

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to lead such a wonderfully charmed life. I have already had several mind blowing play experiences: Lowewood days that I have giggled my way through like a giddy school girl; the dramatic, but beautifully elegant contrast that was the Regency House Party; delightful weekends away and parties with friends; trips abroad to meet like minded people. All of this in the space of just under three years since I first came out, and in reality more like 18 months.

And now I have yet another amazing experience to mull over. A weekend finishing school, led by the esteemed Miss Darling and the wonderfully formidable Miss Hammond-Grant. I think I've probably developed a wee crush on these two lovely ladies, who alternated between scaring poor Jemima silly(ish) and taking every situation in their stride with a twinkle in their eyes.

Jemima will of course be having her say about Finishing School, but in the meantime, Eliane would like to say a thank you from the heart to Lucy and Amy for the most wonderful education a lady could have! I had a fantastic time, got the opportunity to meet several people that I've wanted to renew my acquaintance with, several that I've seen far too little of lately, and several that I was privileged to meet for the very first time.

Jemima may have been the one who was being finished (off?) but I took away some very useful lessons:

  • To always count the steps before going down them (courtesy of a little incident in the kitchen on the first night)
  • That I am, in fact, also allergic to raspberries as well as strawberries.
  • That Mac make up is a wonderful thing.
  • That mojitos are also wonderful. Especially now I know how to make them.
  • That there are, surprisingly, people out there who are even more adept at keeping on digging
  • when they find themselves in a hole than me. Which is impressive.

So, to the Tutors, the bachelors, and my fellow young ladies, you were all wonderful.

Thank you.


Abel1234 said...

Glad you had such a lovely weekend! Looking forward to lots more detail, piecing together what you all got up to! (Any details that might land my girls "in trouble at home" would also be greatly appreciated!)

Eliane said...

You're asking me to snitch on my friends?? Go and hang your head in shame, young man!

EmmaJane said...

Ha ha, well answered to Abel. Caoilfhionn and Jemima were angels of course, or do we mean angles??

So glad you were there, the dynamic between Caoilfhionna and Jemima could fill a book!


Indy said...

Am laughing to hear you call Abel "young man." First you beat Adele Haze with a wooden spoon, now you get toppy with her husband?

In other words, well done!

Glad it was such a wonderful weekend and hope the drop doesn't last too long. As always, I look forward to Jemima's description of the events. I'll have to meet that cheeky troublemaker someday!

Master Retep said...

@EmmaJane Angles - Yes. Right - Not; Acute - Perhaps; Obtuse - Most Definitely.

Pandora Blake said...

I think I've probably developed a wee crush on these two lovely ladies, who alternated between scaring poor Jemima silly(ish) and taking every situation in their stride with a twinkle in their eyes.

You're not alone! And yes, that sums up their wonderfulness perfectly. It was a great balance.

I loved meeting Jemima and getting to know Eliane a bit better. I know you moan about not being able to shut up but I at least thought it was brilliantly entertaining! Although that does make me sound a bit mean ... I'd be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed watching you get punished even a little bit, even if I did sympathise at the same time. And you earned it so wittily!

You were very much missed at the closing ceremony - clearly we'll have to reconvene to give your characters the closure they deserve. I know I can't wait to be back :)

Zille Defeu said...

More to say later -- just wanted to note how wonderful it was to meet and spend time with you and Jemima!

~Zille (& Zillah D-B!)

Leia-Ann Woods said...

It was so wonderful to meet you darling and be able to read your thoughts on such a wonderful weekend. i do hope we get together soon. xxx

Anonymous said...

What made the whole thing work was the sparkling synergy permeating from everyone there.. the mistresses, you gals, the teachers and, finally, us poor, but incredibly lucky, lucky lucky bachelors... :)

never, in the field of unlikely Finishing Schools, has so much been accomplished, by so few naughty gals, and exasperated teachers....