Monday, 22 November 2010

Jemima Writes To A Friend

Dear Emily,
You won't bloody well believe what my grandmother's gone and done now. You know I said I was going to visit you next during next weekend's exeat? Well that's all out the window now. She's sending me off to some finishing school. She says that “while Miss Marwood and Miss Cavendish, my etiquette teachers at Lowewood have done a wonderful job with raw material, she thinks I need to spend a period of time purely focussed on the business of being a young lady without any academic hindrances.” I mean seriously, what planet it she from??
So yeah, instead of getting to spend the weekend with you having fun, I'm being shipped off to the middle of nowhere to be “finished off”. Too bloody right it'll finish me off. Not only is it a finishing school, but it's one that uses “traditional discipline”, yes, just like Lowewood. You don't do what they want, they whack you... lovely, eh? And you can guarantee I'll get my share of whackings, just like Lowewood. It's not like I try to misbehave even, it just happens!
And do you know what the worst thing is? I have to pretend to be thrilled by this “wonderful opportunity.” This place, can't even remember it's name, is apparently THE finishing school, and I'm very lucky to have been accepted, as everyone wants to go there. So I have to pretend to be all happy and write polite notes saying how wonderful it is that I'm going. Ugh.
I suppose it could be worse. My friend Caoilfhionn is going as well. I've told you about her, right? She's great fun, even she can be a bit good at times. Anyway, at least I'll know someone, and hopefully we can have some fun among all the “ladylike” stuff.
I hope you have a bloody great weekend, and if I survive, I'll write to you and tell you all about it!
Luv ya loads,


EmmaJane said...

I know i'ts such a bore, but don't worry Jemima, we'll have our fun, we always do!!1

Love C xx

Stephen Lewis said...

Very interesting.

Thank you for giving those of us yet to meet jemima an insight into what we can expect.