Monday, 30 May 2011

No Clothes

A couple of weeks ago Abel wrote a post about nudity, and it's place in scenes. It's something I've been pondering on and off ever since. For me, nudity is all about context. For instance, as my school girl character, Jemima, nudity would be utterly inappropriate, and (overdramatic though this sounds) feel like the scene was starting to border on abuse of power, if nothing else. And while I'm sure that would be fine for lots of people, in my “school girl” mindset, it would be very wrong.

When I'm playing as me though, it's a different story. Being made to strip can have different effects on me depending on the tone of the scene and who I'm playing with. It has taken me by surprise when the order was unexpected, wrongfooting me mentally, making me submit far faster than I would otherwise have done. It can be humiliating, objectifying, making me embarrassed and scrutinised. It can be intimate in the right context as well, even more so if you are undressed rather than undressing yourself.

There is of course always an element of embarrassment for me. I'm naturally pretty shy so the mere act of taking my clothes off (or having them taken off) can leave me cringing inside. And therein lies the power, I suppose. There is a vulnerability in being totally exposed in front of someone else, especially if they are fully clothed. And letting myself give in to that vulnerability can be quite exciting.


Anonymous said...

I have just written about exposure, it seems to be in the air.
Vulnerability is quite terrifying and yet just as you say, exhilarating.

Abel1234 said...

I can't help thinking about kitchen tables at this point...