Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The People I Play With

This past couple of months have seen me playing rather more than the previous couple of months (and possibly some months before that!) Some scenes are very short, lasting minutes at most, some far longer, two or three hours. As I was thinking over some of these scenes it struck me just how varied the styles of the various people I play with are.

There are great role players - imaginative, and able to create and see through believable scenes, sometimes over extended periods of time.

There are the people who are downright mean, and who don't particularly care that they are, in a rather hot way.

There are people who are give the most gentle and caring spankings, that make you feel warm and glowy. Yes, glowy's a word. My blog, my words!

There are those people with whom I can be really submissive, though even then that manifests itself in different ways with different people, depending on their styles.

There are people who can deliver perfect floggings, ones that leave me so spaced out I can barely talk.

There are people with whom there was instant chemistry, which the passing of time doesn't seem to diminish.

There are the ones where spankings are just downright fun, lighthearted things to be played with, inducing smiles and laughter.

There are the ones who let me spank them, and who will probably give far better than they get in return.

There are the ones who are willing to see me cry, to push me to that and let me have that release.

There are the ones who I could talk all night with instead of playing, because we are friends beyond spanking.

A lot of people are combinations of several of these.

How lucky am I that I can have all that variety, and so many different experiences?

Pretty darn lucky, if you ask me.

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Abel1234 said...

Lovely post. And, of course, everyone you write about in the post is incredibly darn lucky to know you.