Saturday, 26 June 2010

Playing In Public

Haron wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about public play, i.e. being spanked in a room where others are not playing, but just socialising. She asked what people's feelings were towards this sort of public play – Embarrassed? Indifferent? She said that she sometimes feels as though she's imposing on people in scenarios like this.

It made me start thinking about that scenario in particular, and public play in general. Eighteen months or so, the idea of public play would have completely freaked me out. I had only ever been spanked in private, me and the person doing the spanking. If anyone had suggested that I widen that group of people who could see my bottom, I probably would have sprinted several miles in the opposite direction. I also wasn't that comfortable with the idea of seeing other people being spanked.

In March, that “one-on-one-only” mentality changed when I was spanked by two people at once, but it wasn't until the early summer of 2009 that I actually started going to events where a) I would see other people getting spanked and b) other people would see me getting spanked. Having always been somewhat on the shy, retiring side, especially when it comes to my body, I was very surprised to find that I actually wasn't that bothered about people being able to see me getting spanked. That has persisted to this day. If I'm with a group of people who will not be surprised to see a girl being spanked in the corner, then I really don't have a problem with being that girl. I generally also don't feel as though I'm imposing on anyone or forcing them to watch my spanking. The times when I'm in a group situation where a spanking might happen, that exact possibility is pretty much taken for granted. It surprises no one, and I would imagine if anyone felt truly uncomfortable with watching, they would either remove themselves from the situation or would not have attended the event in the first place.

I do find it strange though, how I could have gone from being so shy, to being basically pretty much indifferent to being upended in public! Well, that's a little disingenuous; I do still get a little mortified, but not really enough for it to stop me misbehaving ;-) More interesting though are the things that I still do find embarrassing. Don't ever threaten me with a public spanking, public as in outside, where non-kinky people might see. I'd probably hurt you in some unspecified way before fleeing. That one is a hard limit for me.

The other thing that I still can find incredibly embarrassing is undressing when I'm just playing one on one with someone. Even partially undressing, just taking off my knickers, in the right circumstances, with the right language, can make me more embarrassed than being spanked in a group ever could. Strange, isn't it?


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Eliane, thank you for telling us all this. Maybe comfort or discomfort about "public" situations have a lot to do with who there is in a particular public situation and what their reactions are or might be. Of course, I'm maybe just stating the obvious.

EmmaJane said...

I've never been shy about playing in public. That's partly cos I'm not really shy, but also cos my first play life was at Nimhneach - if I wanted to play at all, then it had to be in public.

Although I will admit that my first spanking at Lowewood did mortify me a bit, but not sure if that was me or Caoilfhionn!

And yes I agree that seeing a girl get spanked is hardly a rare occurence or indeed a surprise in our group, I mean it does include Abel!

Anonymous said...

I was in the Chicago area last week, where in accordance with our pre-plans I gave my friend a wicked hard spanking. It was wildly exciting for the two of us and the single observer enjoyed herself to the max..

DETAILS: The stage was set in a cab ride from an airport hotel down to the metro.
STEP 1. An arguement occured where I tld my friend to watch herself or I would spank her
STEP 2. I asked the driver to pull to the side of the road so that I could get something,(an oval heavy hairbrush) from my bag in the cab trunk
STEP 3. Once on the road again, there was a scolding followed by a very sound hair bushing to my friend's 48 year old adult bare bottom. While our female drive, who just happened to be a lesbian, tried to keep a steady track on the road as she watched the up & down of the brush and enjoyed the sobs-promises to never again masturbate in a public rest room stall & the echos of the brush on her bare bottom.

What a rush