Friday, 19 March 2010

Interactive Experiences

I'm still feeling distinctly unkinky, but sometimes my brain just can't help it... It was particularly inspired by the BBC, today. It seems that the National Trust is getting more "hands on" with the new season of house visits beginning:
[It] is employing a more ''interactive'' approach to encourage more visitors to its stately homes.
Instead of not touching the exhibits and furnishings, members of the public will, in some cases, be allowed to get more involved with the historic surroundings - sitting on comfy chairs, handling artefacts, and even playing musical instruments. "

Of course the BBC couldn't report all activities available - helping to birch the maid in the master's study, watching the governess spanking the disobedient young lady in the school room, taking part in the whippings in the stables... after all, as
Irelynn and my recent visit to Hughenden Manor proved, they provide the implements. The butter pats (aka paddles) are shown on her post, and she didn't even mention the riding crop in the boot the stables. So nice of a national organisation to provide for us kinksters.


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

I was quizzing Irelynn as to whether her visit was stirring up your kink mojo again, Eliane.

Hey, there's nothing stopping you and Irelynn from re-enacting out any of these fine historical tableaus you mention, next time you're touring one of these historical edifices.

No doubt the other tourists will think you're part of the show -- especially if you dress to suit the era!

Abel1234 said...

Great spot!

I'm picturing the scene:

Gentleman bends girl over billiards table, ties her tightly and takes riding crop from the wall.

National Trust official rushes forward and protests.

Gentleman brushes her excuses aside: "But the BBC said it'd be OK..."


I feel like a trip to a National Trust house :-)