Sunday 21 March 2010

Spring Awakening

I was driving to the next town today. Windows down, 12 or 13 degrees C outside, sun shining, music playing (probably far too loudly as I got into the built up area...).
It occurred to me that sometimes it's the simple little moments that can make us happy. Driving fast, seeing the sun, realising that spring is on the way. The clocks will change next weekend, the days are getting lighter, the daffodils and crocuses in my garden are flowering. The church graveyard is full of snowdrops. I feel as though I'm awakening from the depths of winter with the flowers.
The potentially good news is that it's not just me that's awakening from the depths, it may be my kink as well. Yesterday I felt some stirrings from my libido. Wanted to read blogs, think kinky thoughts. Just having that flicker of interest back is a great sign for me after the 6 weeks or so of disinterest.
I'm not saying I'm about to run out and get spanked and it will all be fine again, but just the fact that the idea holds some appeal now is a big step forward.
So here's to spring awakenings. Let's hope things continue waking up!


Abel1234 said...

You know your kink's really back when you're driving with the music too loud and your car window open, and realise that that's the sort of thing for which a girl should be spanked.

Or when you buy knickers, for example. Or when you do so and then text other people to blame them...

But anyway, your spring post is missing one element - the fresh growth on all the birch trees. (Oh, hold on, I don't want to scare your kink away again!)

Roger said...

This is great news - sorry, but I'm being a bit selfish here! You see my kink had vanished too for a while, and has just started to come back.

I thought it had deserted me - vanished in a puff of smoke, but now I know it was just the cold weather! (Well, who wants to spank or be spanked in the snow?! No - don't answer we've seen those other blogs ;-) )

So maybe it was the onset of Spring that made me cut that nice hazel switch yesterday - I hadn't realised just how effective hazel can be :-))

Oh - and Abel, if you need some of the new growth from the birch trees, we've got some of those here as well!


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Am I seeing a trend here -- that kinky interest correlates with libido?

Eliane said...

@Abel 1) The thought that a girl should be spanked for driving too fast with the music too loud *did* cross my mind, briefly!
2) It was your fault, promise.
3) There are two birch trees that I can see out of my bedroom window, and neither have fresh growth on. I think you hallucinate!
@Roger It's always good to hear of someone else's kink coming back as well. Though possibly not when hazel switches are involved!
@KFG My spanking interest can be there if my libido is down, but my libido is never "up" if my spanking interest is down if that makes any sense.