Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Revelation

Walking round the supermarket today (buying a fitted sheet, two lampshades, two Wii games, a skirt, and not many of the groceries I went to get, moral of story never shop when tired), I had a revelation as I was avoiding the knicker section in the clothes department.
Do you think that maybe giving up knicker buying is related to losing my kink? The timing is pretty suspect... one followed the other fairly swiftly. Maybe my loss of kink is a sign? A sign that I should never, ever attempt to stop buying knickers?
What do you think?


Irelynn said...

I think you should go back to buying knickers. A girl should never, ever be prevented from buying more knickers. Unless you have 10.000 of them, by which time you might have to just check into rehab. Somehow I suspect you're nowhere near that number yet. So buy. Buy. BUY!

Casey Morgan said...

I am sure Uncle Screwtape would agree with you and with your dear friend Wormwood--oops, Irelynn--but I say Turn! Stay strong. You can do it!

Indy said...

It's only a month till Easter. Stay strong! If that doesn't work, imagine how much I will annoy you by teasing you about falling off the knickers wagon.

Relentlessly, of course.

Knickers wagon raises some truly ridiculous images, doesn't it?

catherine said...

I am *so* looking forward to the day when Eliane and Indy meet!

Oops, sorry - off topic.

Erm, I'm also on a self-induced lingerie buying ban, as I have so many pairs that I can barely close my knicker drawer. So I'd say don't buy any unless you have room for them!


Abel1234 said...

No, it's a sign that you're a good girl -and that the threat of being spanked should you break your Lenten knicker-fast must be working!

@Catherine - on so much of a lingerie-buying ban that two separate deliveries for you from Bravissimo have arrived at our house this morning, eh?!

catherine said...

@Abel1234 sports bras don't count! And the rest of the packages are clothes! xxx