Wednesday 18 August 2010

In Search Of Lost Memory

People often threaten me. Well, by people, I mean tops. Normal people rarely threaten me, and I'd probably be a bit more concerned. As it is, tops' threats rarely bother me. Because, let's be honest, most of them don't exactly seem to be wonderfully blessed in the memory department. Or at least in the "remembering offences/cheek/random misbehaviour" area. If I had a pound for every time a top had threatened me with some horrible retribution and then forgotten about it five minutes later, I'd be quite a rich woman by now. Of course if I'd had a cane stroke for every time, I'd be quite a sore woman!

As is my way, I was wondering, and I thought I would enquire more generally. Is it just the tops I know who are less than formidable in this area? Or is it tops in general? So feel free to answer the following poll. You can answer it if you are a top as well. As long as you do it honestly, because we'll be watching.

Tops' Powers of Recall

How good is your top's memory?

Memory like an elephant, never forgets a thing, dammit
Their memory's OK. They generally remember to carry out threats
Memory? I'm surprised they remember their name/to get out of bed in the morning/put on underwear.


Irelynn Logeen said...

Asking people questions like these about their tops is just blatantly trying to get them into trouble!

That said, I think I have experienced all three types of top-memories. Obviously I'm not going to name names, but I have to admit I'm rather amused by this poll!

Indy said...

Does anyone else think the respondents who chose the first answer were both tops? :-)

Jen said...

My Top remembers far too much, and for things he wouldn't remember, he has a file on his computer! It's so not fair, mostly because my memory SUCKS! LOL