Sunday 8 August 2010

What Do You Get...

...when you take 30 kinksters, some alcohol and two birthdays?
Well, you get:

  1. A girl jumping out of a cake (who thought that a wish expressed on twitter three weeks before would be made true?)
  2. A totally unjustified spanking, to remove me from the room while the “cake” was set up.
  3. A multiple flogging from my darling GNO girls.
  4. The most perverted scene I could ever imagine where at least ten people were all stood in my bedroom taking it in turns to give me a birthday spanking while singing “Happy Birthday” in a dirge like manner. I mean, really, people!
  5. A fabulous barbecue, thanks to all the kind chefs.
  6. The chance to watch a dear friend get her share of birthday spankings. (Well, actually, her comeuppance!)
  7. A caning and a belting.
  8. The chance to meet the London Tanner.
  9. The amusement of watching someone try to put up a tent in the pitch black and yet refuse any offers of a torch.
  10. The indignity of losing at cheesecake Jenga, mostly because the Meanest Man On The Internet cheated!
  11. The chance to flog real life people, and oh my goodness did I enjoy it.
  12. The joy of coming down the next morning to find that the cleaning fairies had started work. They do exist!
  13. Some more lovely spankings the next morning, from those I'd forgotten to collect my birthday spanking from the night before.
  14. At least two threats of retribution to be served up at a later date for cheek. Anyone who knows me will know how unfair and unjust this is!

To be serious for a minute, I want to thank each and every one of my guests for their presence yesterday. You made the party, and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. You all rock!


Anonymous said...

make that 3 threats.... there is NOTHING wrong with putting up a tent in the dark... that time and night vision wont solve....

Master Retep said...

It's we who should be thanking you for your courage in throwing open your neighbourhood to such a disreputable bunch. Many thanks.

Sarah said...

As part of the disreputable bunch, I too would like to thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful party, so much spanking, so much pink fizz, so much wonderful company... so hard to leave!

Thank you :-) xxxx

Irelynn Logeen said...

Seeing as I came up with the Happy Birthday singing during your spankings... does that mean I'm 'the most perverted' of all the people you know? :-P

Simon said...

Was that singing? I thought we were all trying to do our impressions of 'most deluded acts on the X Factor'?

That and 'singing' as slowly as possible so the birthday girl got the most spanks!

Point 11 sounds scary.

EmmaJane said...

Depite the fact we weren't half as drunk as other parties I think this was the best yet!

Thank you for letting me achieve two life ambitions - one to jump out of a cake semi-naked and the other to hug the most hated man on the interne ;-)

So much fun, thank you darling, Even if I still can't sit down comfortably....

Stephen Lewis said...

Me cheat?

What an outrageous accusation. You really do need to learn to lose gracefully sometimes.

Thank you once again for your warm & wonderful hospitality.

Abel1234 said...

I can't believe that #4 on the list is the *most* perverted scene you could *ever* imagine! But it was fab, as was the whole party - absolutely loved it, even if I was half-asleep at times! Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Your hospitality was even warmer than your bottom and that's saying something...;)
Thanks again you wonderful

catherine said...

Had a fantastic time - so great to see you and catch up with so many lovely folks. Thank you, lovely Eliane xxx

Indy said...

Ah, I can't believe I didn't comment on this delightful post-- describing and even more delightful party-- earlier. Fortunately, Bandree has said all that needs to be said!

Oh, except, comeuppance? Did I miss that? ;-)

What a wonderful event it was!