Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Doorbell

Half my implements are under one sofa.
Half are under the other.
My knickers are under the second sofa.
My heart is still racing.
Oh, and I can't sit down.

The last bit probably would have happened anyway, but the other four wouldn't have done.

There are few things more likely to induce panic than the doorbell ringing when you are standing in the middle of the living room with your dress round your middle, no knickers, a set of extremely painful cane stripes on your bottom, with your implements and underwear spread across the room.

"Is it my mother? Is it a friend? Will they go away if I just ignore them? Will they think I'm not in? Will the car in the drive and the lights on give it away? Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t, there's really incriminating stuff all over the floor.., Help!"

90 seconds later, everything, including my knickers, and been kicked under the sofas, and I ventured towards the door, head full of reasons to explain away the strange man sitting on my sofa.

Turns out it was someone coming to read my meters. Panicking unnecessary. Luckily, they won't want to read the meters again for a while, as I have no desire to have a repeat of that feeling any time soon!


Rebecca said...

heehee sounds like a lucky escape - imagine what could have happened!

indy said...

At least it ended up being funny in the end! Thanks for the laugh and hope it doesn't happen again.

Em said...

Oh, that's no fun! I had a similar interruption once while in the midst of being paddled. It turned out to be my neighbor (who I had dated once or twice) stopping up for a visit. I was mortified! He didn't see anything, but I've always assumed he heard something "suspicious."

Hermione said...

We've had some interruptions too. You try to keep quiet while wondering just what they heard before they knocked.


Pandora Blake said...

You know, you're not at Finishing School any more. You are allowed to have a man in your room...

Eliane said...

@Em & Hermione. Because of the set up of the house, I'm pretty sure they didn't hear anything, thank goodness. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the neighbours can hear everything, but I've stopped caring!

@Pandora, it wasn't the man in the room I was worried about, as much as the canes, straps, floggers and paddles covering the floor!