Friday 3 December 2010


I'm not a huge voyeur. Well, that's not entirely true. I can watch spankings that are fairly tame. I can even watch most implements being used, again especially if it's not too hard, and enjoy it, albeit in a somewhat clinical way. I can't watch canings, or other severe punishments, and it's even worse when it's my friends being punished. As several who have seen me watch other people being caned can attest, I'm generally looking for a pillow to bury my face in. In the absence of a pillow, any handy shoulder will do.

Watching isn't quite such an issue when I'm being whacked, but I will generally make sure that if I can see any shadows of arms falling, I close my eyes. It would, however, be disingenuous of me to say that there are never occasions when I don't have the "opportunity" to watch what is going on. Bottoms are not the only places that can be spanked. There's hands, and um, other places.

I think I've only been whacked on my hands once, maybe twice. It hurts. A lot. I tried very hard not to watch. I've also been spanked in other places a few times. I also try very hard not to watch. Looking directly into the eyes of someone who is setting out to cause you pain in your most vulnerable places is a very hard thing to do. Eye contact like that is embarrassing. It's intense. Given any sort of choice, I will hide my hide my head in pillows, cushions, my hands, whatever is around.

But being forced to watch, to keep your hands by your sides, to maintain eye contact as the stroke falls, and you cry out in pain. That's excruciating. And embarrassing. And incredibly hot.


Irelynn Logeen said...

I have not looked anyone in the eye while being spanked, for the exact reason of it being too embarrassing! I'm like you, I'd much rather hide my head in a pillow. That was something I had to get over when I decided I was going to be in spanking films though. ;-)

I do quite like watching. I think it's because I love seeing the interaction between two people, and when pain is involved those interactions can get a lot more intense than in normal situations.

Em said...

I haven't ever had to watch myself, and I think I would find that incredibly difficult (and yes, a little hot).

As for watching others, I don't mind that all(though I'd probably find something terribly extreme difficult). I do, however, find it hard to listen - the noise is incredibly jarring and has much more of a lasting effect on me.