Friday, 24 December 2010

All I Want For Christmas...

I know some of you may not believe me, but underneath all my cheekiness, I'm really a good girl. Deep down. Of course, I do stupid things occasionally, I think horrible thoughts about people, rage when the car in front of me is doing 30mph in a 60mph zone, skive when I should be working. So no, I'm not perfect, but I am generally a good girl.

So what I want for Christmas right now, more than anything else at this precise second, to be honest, is a lovely, long good girl spanking. You know the sort... starting off resting comfortably on a bed or sofa, over someones lap. A nice, slow, long warm up, starting off gently, gradually building up. With a hand only, obviously. Just to make it clear, wooden things should never, ever be involved in warm ups. Especially not good girl ones.

Then maybe moving to the arm of the sofa or the end of the bed. Somewhere where I'm comfortable. And toys can come out now, but only the ones I like. My doubled over strap. My thuddy flogger. Maybe when I'm really warmed up and relaxing into the pain, a slightly stingy belt. Or maybe that flogger could move onto my back, as I float off into a dreamy haze.

Of course, this is a good girl spanking, so there won't be any toys that I don't like. No wooden things. No tawses. Certainly no canes. Just deliciously yummy good girl spanking goodness.
Mmm... ah well, it's nice to dream :-)

So, before I drift off into a reverie of having the perfect spanking, I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and I hope you all get everything you deserve. After all, if we all get what we deserve, I'll certainly get that lovely spanking!

Happy Christmas!


Indy said...

You do deserve a lovely good-girl spanking. In addition to all the other ones!;)

May you get them in the order you choose!

Anonymous said...

am sure she will....

Kaelah said...

Eliane, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and got the present you asked Santa for! :-)