Monday 4 August 2008

Being Submissive

Out with friends a couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned to me that I was very feisty. I protested loud and long about this, and have asked several other friends since "I'm not feisty am I?!" only to have them collapse in fits of laughter.
So, yes, I suppose if I am being honest, I'm feisty in a lot of situations. In fact, if I'm being very honest, I'm pretty much always like that, especially with people I know. I will be the one with the smart comebacks, the one arguing the toss and pushing the point, and generally getting the last word (gosh, I sound awful, don't I?). Yet I've noticed, with my so far fairly limited experience, that as soon as I'm about to get a spanking, I instantly become incredibly submissive. Which, to be honest, scares me a little bit. I don't actually like being thought of as feisty, for some reason it seems like a bad thing, though I don't think my friends see it like that, but like I said, I am a lot of the time, and the fact that just the mere expectation of a spanking can flip some big old "submissive" switch in my head is a little disconcerting. Don't quite know what the point of this post is, it's really only my verbal diarrhoea, so apologies!

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