Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Shadow Lane

Reading around the blogs, lots of people are off to the Shadow Lane party in Las Vegas this weekend. I'm jealous of them. For two reasons... The first is obviously that it sounds like an absolute blast, and I would just love to be there. The second is a rather less noble reason... at work I have a colleague who I really dislike. Now there's not many people in this world who really wind me up the wrong way, but this one person does. She's basically a prissy c*w with a big old stick up her butt, who needs to be taken down a peg or 27. And she's on holiday in Las Vegas with her family this week. I just think it would be the funniest thing on earth if she ended up staying in the same hotel as the SL party... So I want to be there in the hope that that dream gets fulfilled, so I can be a fly on the wall when Little Miss Prissy realises she's in a hotel full of spankos!
However, as I can't be there, I may as well just imagine it happening anyway and amuse myself ;-)


Jen said...

You are hilarious. What would be even better is if she is actually a closet spanko who was going to the party!!!



Eliane said...

Jen, don't say that! I think all my assumptions about the world would crash around my ears if I found out she was a closet spanko! In fact, I might even have to give up my new found hobby if that were true, and you wouldn't want to do that to me would you?!