Sunday, 31 August 2008


When it comes to complexion, I'm very much your typical English Rose. I.e. I'm pale, I blush very easily, I burn even more easily (I have friends of Italian heritage who think that putting factor 8 on two times a day is plenty in the sun, I need to put on factor 30 every 45 minutes, and generally try not to go into the sun at all...).
Of course, one other downside of this is that I bruise very easily. Which is a bit of a downside when one is into spanking... it freaks out the people doing the spanking, because they can see you marking as they spank and think they are causing real pain/damage (which they're not). It also means that you have to spend several days being quite careful about where you are waving your bottom around. Now I'm not an exhibitionist, and I don't take every opportunity to show my arse to the world, but I do love swimming...
So this morning I put on my swimming costume, just to check. Nope, won't be going swimming today... and that is a costume with REALLY low cut legs! I do also have bikini shorts, which would probably cover most of the bruises, but they have a horrible habit of riding up as I swim. Revealing all those nice black bruises. Which would take some explaining.
So what to do? Stop being spanked, or persevere with the arnica cream? I think it's going to be the second option ;-)
Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I don't have any advice, but hate to see you ask a question and be ignored. I bruise, but not much. I've never tried arnica cream. I'm just useless here, but I did read your post, so keep blogging.

Paul said...

Try taking Arnica tablets a few hours before your spanking, they certainly helped us with bruising.
When your bottom becomes more used to spanking you shouldn't bruise so much.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Thank you for the comments and advice guys, I will try some arnica tablets. Either that or one of those full length swimsuits they wore in the Olympics!