Saturday, 23 August 2008


Not those sort of consequences unfortunately, though there could be some of those heading my way. This is the parlour game consequences. There was a group of us at a friend's house and we played this to amuse ourselves. I'll explain the game in a minute, but the results can be very funny, and were verging on the room sometimes. Unfortunately, with an 11 year old participating we had to try and keep it clean, but I imagine this could be a wonderful game to play with a groupful of spankos!
In terms of equipment, you need long, thin pieces of paper, and pens/pencils. Each person has a piece of paper, writes the answer to the first 'question' on top of the paper, folds the top over so what they wrote is not visible, and passes the paper to the left. Everyone has a new piece of paper, from the person on their right, and answers the next question on it, and so it goes. Once all questions have been answered and the paper passed on one more time, you start to read the results.
The 'questions' (well not really) are:
A woman's name
A man's name
A place
What she wore
What he wore
What she said to him
What he said to her
And the consequence was...

E.g. Buffy the Vampire Slayer met Jeremy Irons climbing up the Empire State Building. She was wearing an Alice in Wonderland Costume and he was wearing a red leather thong and a baseball cap. She said to him 'Catch me!' and he said to her 'I'd only recognise you by your behind' and the consequence was.... well I'll let you pick your own one!.
It may look at little silly, but I promise with a like minded group of friends with similar sense of humours, you'll have a blast... and the possibilities for spanko innuendo is limitless, I would think!

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