Monday, 8 December 2008

Wimpiness, or maybe not

I'm a wimp. That's the primary word that comes to my mind when I think of myself in relation to spanking. Wimpy, wimpy wimp. I can't take pain, I can't process it, deal with it, accept it.
I've freaked out enough times when being caned/spanked with the hairbrush/whatever for my identification with "wimpiness" to have become an integral part of what I feel about spanking.
Over the last couple of weeks though, I've started to wonder whether I am such a wimp after all? I posted about a spanking I had from George, and several people said that it was "quite a spanking".
Then this week, we had some unexpected time together, and he used the cane on me, and I took 18 strokes. In all fairness, not all of them were full strength, but six were pretty darn hard. And true, I didn't stay down all the time like a nice submissive young lady (mostly because I'm neither nice, nor submissive, and I'm not really young any more either..!) but on the hand I also wasn't crying, screaming and dancing round the room like a loon.
So maybe I'm not actually a wimp after all. I often read blogs and stories thinking "Good Lord, I could never take anything like that", but it's not beyond the realms of possibility that there is someone reading here thinking the same thing about me. What a strange thought ;-)
So for now I'm going to put the wimp label aside, and try and find a new one. Part time wimp, possibly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eliane,
You dont sound wimpy to me at all. I found your blog from a link on New Beginnings blog! I just love this blogging world, it just keeps getting smaller and smaller. I am very new to this blogging and spanking world and have just started my own blog this month. I am actually one of those people who I could never have done that, not with a cane. Actually I haven't even been spanked yet, I am still trying to work up the nerve to tell my husband about all this. So I am really a newbie. Thank you for all your sharing.
Take Care
Andrades Girl

Jay Walker said...

Hi Elaine,
I don't think your'e a wimp either. 18 strokes of the cane! Definatly not a wimp, my Dom would have to catch me first he he.
And at thirty you can still be considered a young lady so don't dispare.
OMG was'nt Tony Head (Uther) marvelous today? Oh I wish that that had been me he was talking to, (drool).
Hugs, Jay
Btw I found you from Andrades who I know from my blog.

Paul said...

Eliane, I don't think you are a wimp either,18 strokes of the cane, even if they weren't all of the best,I think that you did well.
I know JFlame well enough to know that if her Dom said she deserved the cane, she might not like it, but she would take it.
At thirty, you are an interesting young lady.
Warm hugs,

The Headmaster said...

Well done, my dear! I take it they were delivered on your bare bottom, too?

Eliane said...

Andrades, JFlame, welcome to the blog, and congratulations on starting your own :-)
And maybe I'm not a wimp, though I'm not sure I'm interesting, Paul :-D

George said...


Anonymous said...

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