Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Best?

I was supposed to be elsewhere tonight, but for various reasons did not manage to make it out of the house. Prior to retiring for the night I was chatting on line with a friend and we got onto the subject of who was "the best" spanker. The original question was around spanking film producers, but as I've not watched a huge amount of movies, I wasn't that able to comment. It did get me wondering about what would constitute "the best" in a spanker. Of course it's a very subjective thing, and for each person their best spanker would have different qualities. To generalise though, I think that the following is true: the best for each individual spankee is the one who pushes your buttons in the right way, who understands what really makes you tick when it comes to kink, who takes into account your limits, your desires, your quirks. They will delight in pushing you to your perceived limit, and maybe a little bit further than you thought you could go. They will make you expect the expected and then spring the unexpected on you.
That's my take on "The Best", anyway. What's yours?


Rebecca said...

I don't think there is really a 'best' because we're all so different and everyone has their preferences. It's a bit like shoes - the 'best' trainers for me might give someone else blisters, and you wouldn't want to wear the 'best' trainers on a night out - you might think stillettos were best for dancing but someone else might prefer boots. And none of the above would be the 'best' shoe for work...hmmm can tell it's been a long day!

Alyx said...

I think your description of "the best" is right on. I would only add, for those of us who are well-behaved by nature *g*, that the best spanker is one who can somehow find infractions which deserve punishment even though we are just being our normal selves!

And I don't mean making up transgressions, or inventing silly reasons to spank, although that can be fun in its own right. I'm talking about discovering misdeeds we aren't even aware of, but immediately have reason to regret once they are so carefully pointed out. That is a skill in itself, and can certainly play havoc with one's mind and emotions. *shiver*