Thursday, 15 October 2009

Writing a Spanking

Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a spanking? Seriously... you'd think it would be easy. After all, it's something that's happened quite a lot to me now. I'm not as experienced as some other people, but I've not been short of spankings in the past 18 months. Well, I retract that – I'm always short of spankings as I never get as many as I would like, but I've certainly had enough to give me a pretty good, ahem, "feel" for what happens.
When I started writing fiction (on holiday, in June '08, I can be very precise about when) my biggest concern was being able to craft some sort of story. That was the piece I was worried about. The actual spanking would just write itself, wouldn't it? It was the lead up, the situation that would be hard.
I was soon disabused of that notion. Writing the stuff before the spanking is not necessarily easy, per-se, but it turned out not to be half as hard as I thought. If you get the right story and situation in your head, words just seems to flow. I often find I've actually written several hundred words and am not even approaching the point where a spanking might be happening, which is often a good thing, as it's writing the spanking that I've come to dread the most.
There's one problem with writing a fictional account of a spanking, or even documenting a real life one. Spankings tend to be fairly formulaic in the way they happen. There's only so many variations on a theme, especially if you are not wanting to build a sexual element into your story. They also hurt, and there's only so many ways you can say so before you become intensely repetitive. So finding a way to imaginatively and compellingly write about a spanking without sounding cheesy and resorting to 24 “smacks” and “ouches” is very, very tough, for me at any rate. So tough, in fact, that it turns out I don't do it that often. Looking back through my writing, both fiction and accounts of fact, not a huge amount of page space is dedicated to the mechanics of the event. The anticipation, oh yes, the aftermath, ditto, but not much about the actual spanking.
So tell me, fellow bloggers and readers. How do you do it? Is it just me who finds it so bloody difficult to recount the actual spanking, be fiction or non? Or do the rest of you have the same problem? Any hints, tips, tricks? All will be gratefully received, I can promise you.


Scarlett De Winter said...

I know what you mean, and I really don't like stories where you get the WHACK. One. Ouch. kind of thing... I find it breaks the mood. I tend not to dwell on the spanking so much, focus on the mental side and what's going on in my/the character's head at the time. It is difficult though, and its the kind of thing you have to work out because no-one ever teaches you to write good spanking fiction!


PK said...

You and Scarlett are right. I missed the course in 'Writing spanking - 101' and it is harder that one might think. But then again the build up is my favorite part, to read or write. What brought someone to a spanking, how do they feel... and how ever the spanking is written I usually get the picture and I like that part too.


Haron said...

Don't write "a spanking". Write about a particular person getting a particular spanking in particular circumstances. Yes, the mechanics are going to be fairly similar to what you might have written or read before, but the circumstances and the emotions are different. Write about that; it makes the 'smack-ouch' stand out from the crowd of identical 'smack-ouches'.

I hope that makes sense... have fun writing, I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with!


Graham said...

Haron pretty much said it. You go with the character - follow his/her specific reactions and feelings. And like PK, I tend to get more into the anticipation part anyway : )

Batfinch said...

I have tried many different ways. in a series of spanking I have used the same format but interspersed each spank with what the person is thinking or what is happening to the persons bottom

Anonymous said...

Hiya. Just found your blog - like what I've read so far. Thanks for sharing. I only started my blog 3 weeks ago so I can't offer much help really. I like to read about the emotions and conversation / scolding that goes on rather than the 'thwack' element. I've only published 1 story so far but would be happy for feedback if you'd like to read it!

Google blogger - Home at last this dd life. (sorry still tecnically inept so don't know how to put a link here)

Abel1234 said...

I've been pondering this recently, as I've worked my way through lots of my past stories trying to select some for my anthology. My earlier ones did tend a little towards the repetitive "THWACKS" and "WHACKS", but that rather gets dull.

So I rather started writing more about the build-up, the setting, the characters, their emotions - to the point where I sometimes hardly remember to include the actual punishment scene at all!

Alyx said...

Graham had a pretty good discussion on a related topic on her blog, and there was some acknowledgement that writing a spanking story can be difficult precisely because it is formulaic in so many ways. I think a lot of writers struggle to find something "fresh" in plot or description, so you're not alone.

I'm going to pretty much echo what's been said here. I don't believe you should agonize over doing the "mechanics" so much...I do think most people enjoy reading even more about the other ingredients mentioned -- the build-up/anticipation, the emotions involved, the thoughts of spankee and spanker, etc.

But in the end it's such a personal thing, isn't it? (As you noted in that great follow-up post which I shall comment on next.) There ARE people who think a good spanking story consists of 100 "whacks" and "ouches." And there are some who prefer no sound effects but detailed description of the underwear involved. Or some who care more about the crying and comforting at the end.

Since so much of it is tied to personal preference, my advice to you would be to write what you would like to read. For me, when it comes to descriptions of spanking or sex, "less is more." Meaning I like the subtleties...suggestiveness over medical-level explicitness. Descriptive, but not coarsely graphic. But that's just me. Other people find coarse language to be very expressive. Vive la différence, eh? :)

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Alison Tyler has written a lot of compelling spanking scenes -- even her descriptions of the spanking itself were totally engaging -- but then she has had a lot of personal experience to draw on and isn't having to make so much up.