Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Aiding and Abetting

I have some advice to fellow bottoms out there. Never, ever, ever aid and abet a top in the crime of implement buying. If they buy the implements, you have no control over *what* they are buying. They'll buy an innordinate amount of hitty things, when quite frankly you'd rather they had bought chocolate. Even if you were going to buy something, you'd pick the thuddy strap, described as moderate. They'll pick the one strap in the world that is actually stingy rather than thuddy. Quite a talent, that. I love most straps, but that one... well, let's just say if it had an unfortunate encounter with a dustbin, I wouldn't be crying. (Um, unless I was the one who put it in the dustbin, in which case I suspect I might well be crying!)

So, as usual, learn from my mistakes. Help a top buy implements, and you deserve everything that you get. And everything that you get will probably hurt.


Florida Dom said...

Don't you like your spankings to hurt? I thought that was the whole point of spankings. Or do you have a pain limit?


catherine said...

LMAO tell me about it! I made the fatal mistake of pointing out a Nigerian whip to Abel on eBay. Suddenly it's been bought, evaluated and labelled "Cath-only". And OMG it hurts! And he didn't even use it that hard!!!

Never, never again.


Unknown said...

I think Eliane is being ironic. At least I hope she is.

Eliane said...

FD: Actually, I'd really rather my spankings didn't hurt... for me it's more about the power exchange and giving up control than it is about pain.
Catherine: I'm glad someone appreciates my pain. Literally :-D
FG: Nope, don't think I was being ironic. Especially not about the dustbin.