Tuesday 16 February 2010

A Waste Of Potential?

I love my new house. I love everything about it, with the possible exception of the gas oven, and even that is growing on me now my mother has shown me how to light it. Yeah, I know... I am under no illusions as to just how pathetic I am.
So, my new house. I love the kitchen. I love the living room which is big enough to have my sofas, a proper dining table, and eventually a sideboard in it. I love the conservatory, I love the spare rooms, in spite of the d├ęcor, I love the bathroom, I adore my bedroom, with its new bed, wardrobes big enough to play hide and seek in and en suite. I especially love my new “library” filled with my books, and the shed with the left over wooden stepladder, about to be converted into library steps.
Ah, library steps, you say. I remember you talking about library steps, Eliane. Why yes, indeed you do
. Before I moved, I talked about library steps, and being spanked in every room in the house, and generally revelling in more space to be kinky.
Except that I have a little problem. It feels a bit wrong to be thinking about kinky stuff in my lovely new house. Like I might sully it with kinky thoughts and deeds or something... I'm still kinky, don't get me wrong, I'm not going through a vanilla patch or anything. I just feel bad thinking about kink in the house. I hope the feeling goes away soon, as it's going to be a hell of a waste of house potential if it doesn't!


Indy said...

Not to worry, Eliane. I'm sure visitors to your house won't feel the same hesitation to make good use of your house's kinky potential. Especially the tops.

And around you, anyone would become a top. :-)

PK said...

You are completely normal - the house is vanilla. Nothing wrong with that I'm sure you will show vanilla just how much fun toppings and sprinkles can be!!


catherine said...

@PK LOL - that makes it sound very *League of Gentlemen* - "This is a vanilla house. For vanilla people. We'll have no kinksters here!"

I'm not sure it's actually vanilla, I just think it hasn't yet woken up to its kink potential. But it will, when you get the library sorted out, with its rugs and lamps and leather armchair, and library steps and globe... library obsessive, moi? ;)


Sarah said...

Oh dear... why didn't I think anything kinky? I picked up on the obviously dodgy decor and thought I should mention that I'm pretty good at wall-papering...but only if the step ladder stays intact long enough :)

Abel1234 said...

I'm sorry, but I thought kinky thoughts in your house the other day. Does that mean it's already been sullied? Or at least "come to realise that it's kinky"?

Sarah said...

Abel - there is not a place in the world that you've visited which hasn't been subjected to your kinky thoughts, does that make everywhere kinky? I do hope so :-)

Eliane said...

Indy, why are you always so mean to me? There's enough people that do that already. I'm persecuted!

PK, hopefully it will soon realise that "toppings" are OK, lol!

Catherine, if you get bored, you know where there are several hundred books that need organising!

Sarah, don't admit to wallpapering skills, I'l have you down here like a flash!

Abel, it's now sullied AND traumatised. Poor house.

Rebecca said...

Nowt wrong with a bit of topping on your vanilla ice ;-) oops I meant house...