Monday, 1 February 2010

Three Types Of Play

I've probably talked before about the different types of play I enjoy. There's three main ones. One is “just for fun”, when it's me, not in character, not being spanked for anything in particular, the second when it's still me, but the spanking is more serious, either because there is a genuine reason behind it, or just because I want a “serious” spanking. The last one is obviously role play. All the different types have their merits. Just for fun spankings are great, if very superficial. Being hoiked over someone's lap because you've just made a cheeky remark is (mostly) always fun. Letting a switchy friend loose on your bottom just for the sake of it can be very amusing.
Role play, likewise, is immense fun. Of course, half (if not more) of the joy of role play is the fun of being a different character, often in a different time, and getting so involved in your character that you react as them and not yourself, even if that character is influenced by aspects of your own personality.

I think the type of play I enjoy the most though, is the more serious stuff. Stuff like this, when I can just let go, submit. There's only a handful of people that I like to play that seriously with, or rather, I suppose, that I trust enough to play like that with. If I'm making myself vulnerable in that way, then I need to be doing so with people I trust not just to let me fall, but to catch me as well. You see, the thing is when I do play more intensely like this, the reason I love it is not because of the pain, or the amount of strokes I take or anything like that. It's because I can be me, and, once in a while, I can submit, and be submissive. (The two are not always the same).

This is something I've not yet been able to achieve in role play, and I'm not sure whether I ever will. My instinct is always to create characters who are, shall we say, somewhat spirited. Cheeky Jemima, opinionated Francesca, spoilt Lucinda. These are not women who would ever submit willingly to anything. In creating these characters I make it very difficult to reach any sort of submissive headspace in role. Maybe my next character needs to be the submissive type?

That's the main reason why I love playing intensely as myself. When the connection is between two people being themselves, it is, to my mind at any rate, more fulfilling than role play, though that is fulfilling in a different way. I was chatting to Abel a couple days after we had played the table scene. I was to curious as to whether he had been playing that scene as any sort of character. I knew that I had been me, but I didn't know if the same applied to him. His response was, and apologies if I'm misquoting slightly. “No, it was me abusing you.” Of course to anyone outside our world that statement would be terribly worrying, but of course he was “abusing” me in a way I wanted, and with my consent, and for me, that was a delicious response. Allowing myself to let go with that handful of people and experience that level of intensity, and of submissiveness, is one of the best things about This Thing We Do.


Henry Higgins said...

That's a very interesting post. Can the role-play characters you create can get in the way of what you want to feel?

I've played several scenes recently with girls who chose rebellious, in-your-face characters, and found in the end that their chosen personas got in the way. For a bottom, this game we play is played to lose, and the payback comes when you're conquered. Sometimes a character choice can get in the way of that.

Then there's the flip side. I used to want to play "nice guys": caring tops, who gave for-your-own-good spankings, chaste and chastening. But that can be limiting: a "nice guy" can't go beyond what's "appropriate". More recently I've found it liberating (and very hot) to play nastier characters, who are not afraid to take advantage in a scene. If I'm a bad man, I'm allowed to be abusive.


Graham said...

Eliane, it just puts a big smile on my face to read about you having happy and rewarding experiences. Does anybody deserve them more than you? So... go you, and thanks for sharing : )

Indy said...

Graham, we're not supposed to be nice to her. Really, she said so. But I agree!

Paul said...

Eliane, sometimes what we do has to be real, to fully reach our depths.
You explain that very well.
So you write Lucinda!
Warm hugs,