Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010 - The Year That Was

2010 was a fantastic year for me. In my personal life I moved house, found a new job, and took part in something that I really wanted to take part in. In my kink life I did a whole host of wonderful things.

I had a wonderful relaxing weekend away with friends in January, where I had a seriously hot beating, which was totally unplanned.
I spent February in the throes of moving, punctuated only briefly with an embarrassing trip to Coco de Mer.
March was really a kink free zone, but in April things got back on track, with my first proper spanking in the house, my first birching, a kinky girls trip to Wales and the culmination, my house warming party.
May had Lowewood, where Jemima failed miserably to behave.
In June I decided that the time had come to expand my spanko horizons beyond Europe, and I headed off to the Florida Moonshine Party to taste my first ever big American spanking party. Jemima also got into trouble AGAIN at Lowewood for wearing inappropriate knickers. Poor girl.
July saw me having in mini nervous breakdown trying to learn to cane, as well as celebrating my birthday, and going to some very fun parties.
August was the month my birthday party actually took place, shared with the wonderful Indy. In fact there was quite a lot of spanking happened in August.
Stubbornness was the word of the month in September, which saw me being caned to tears over a marshmallow, and beaten as a reformatory girl who was going to need a hell of a lot more reforming.
October disappeared in a haze of rehearsals, with the shining point of a holiday in there. Most of November was also eaten by show as well, but there was a kinky light in the darkness, which was Jemima being shipped off for a weekend at finishing school.
And so we reach the end of the year. December was filled with parties, spankings, more spankings, more parties, snow cancelling kinky trips, balls, and Christmas. It culminated, as is the way in December, with New Years Eve, which contained both one of the hardest canings I've ever had, and me packing my house with kinksters for a New Years Eve party. After all, if you haven't stripped down to your underwear and started dancing round the room by 12:15, it's not really New Year's Eve, is it? Or something...

Briefly skimming back through this post to write this has reminded me of all the amazing times I've had this year. All the "old" friends I've got to know better, all the new friends I've made, these are the people who make this life for me. At the end of the day, a kinky life is not actually about the physical kink, not deep down. That can only happen and be really successful if you have the people to share it with, to do the beatings, or watch the beatings, or share in the beatings, or the fun, or the weekends away. So to every single person who has shared in my kinky life this year, thank you. Here's to many more adventures together in 2011.

Happy New Year, everyone.


EmmaJane said...

Happy New Year darling!


Mija said...

Lovely account of a year well spent. Many wishes for a 2011 that's even more fun.

Indy said...

What a lovely description of a lovely year! It was certainly one of the highlights of my year to meet you and so many of your lovely circle of friends. Can't wait to see you again in 2011!

Pandora Blake said...

Happy new year! Hope 2011 brings many new experiences, and that our paths cross again before too long :)

Unknown said...

A lovely whistle stop account of a great year for you..
May your 2011 be as full of kink and fun as 2010 was...