Saturday, 29 November 2008

Flip Flops

Radio 4 on Friday night was broadcasting a discussion about a scheme in Devon, where police are going to start giving out flip flops to drunk young women. This is apparently to prevent them falling off their high heels and injuring themselves. One of the participants in the discussion commented that it seemed very much to her like the girls were being rewarded for being drunk, being given flip flops.
I have another theory. I think the BBC have it wrong. I think the proposal is for all those nice, hunky policemen to take the naughty, drunken girls, and "give them the flip flop" as a modern day, forward thinking Police Force's alternative to "giving them the slipper". Let's face it, slippers are terribly passé. Flips flops, as the fashion mags tell us on a regular basis, are the way to go.


Irelynn said...

I feel the need for another experiment. Would flip flops make effective implements?

Since you brought this up, and I don't have any flip flops here, I suggest you test it out and let me know the results. Kay? ;-)

(Muahahahaha! Guess what the word verification is making me spell? Oh yes. Flopp. Do you think it's psychic?)

Eliane said...

Oooo, psychic word verification. I have actually previously debated the merits of flips flops with my friend Porn Star, and without all variations to hand, we thought that wooden soled flip flops might actually be quite evil, followed by the hsrd plastic ones, and least effective the really flimsy, well, floppy, ones!!

Porn Star said...

So have you tested them out yet? I am dying to know.

You also failed to mention that when we were discussing it - in the absence of a suitable flip flop we ended up breaking a tennis racket on your arse! ;) Or was a badminton one?

Paul said...

Eliane, do you think the scheme could be extended t Cornwall.
They are The Devon & Cornwall Constabulary and we have plenty of young ladies who would benefit from a good spanking.
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Yes Porn Star, I remember the badminton racket. I also remember it was so rusty it crumbled straight away!!
Paul, I'm sure if you asked nicely, the scheme would be extended!