Sunday, 23 November 2008

Spanking, Spanking Everywhere

I've not had much opportunity to watch TV, listen to the radio, or really do anything much at all recently. So why is that I am still finding spanking everywhere? I had the TV on for about ten minutes the other day. It so happened that I turned on to an episode of Will and Grace, where an old guy was trying to get Grace to spank him (and he succeeded). Driving home a couple of days later I had Radio Four on, listening to the "Book at Bedtime" slot, I happened to have tuned in to the adaptation of "A Kestrel for A Knave", the novel that the film Kes was based on. I caught one episode in the week. And only the last 5 minutes of it. That was the only five minutes in the entire story that had a caning in it! That's a pretty impressive achievement on my part, I feel!
The culmination was this weekend when in acting class we were doing the scene from The Crucible where Proctor threatens his maid Mary Warren with a whip, followed by dinner at a Greek restaurant where I, um, misread, Spanakopita... but wouldn't it be cool if restaurants served spanking?!


Winchester said...

where did my last comment go?

Eliane said...

I don't know - what was your last comment?!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's really strange how this kind of thing happens. I have experienced it occasionally - something that I happen to have become very interested in suddenly seeming to be all over the place when I hadn't noticed it much before. Not spanking, though in my case.

Winchester said...

It was to the effect that your finding spanking eferences everywhere seemed to be a random chance, except the last - which must have been Freudian - finding a spanking refererence in spinnach pie.

As to restaurants serving spankings - would they be in public? And delivered by the waiter on the spot - or would you have to wait for the Chef to come and deliver with his set of spatulas and wooden spoons.....?

The last point was simply good luck for Monday - we will be thinking of you ( and wondering whether you will in due course post about how it went.