Monday, 24 November 2008

Pretty Knickers

Or "How I learnt to love my bottom".
I have spent the last two weeks having to wear very, very boring black cotton knickers. No, this was not for any kinky reason, but for reasons of my play/costume practicality. And while I am sad the play is over, I'm very, very happy that I can wear all my pretty knickers again. As I'm sure all women will agree, wearing pretty or cute knickers can just give you that extra inner confidence and feeling of sexiness. It's strange though. I used to wear black or white or beige cotton knickers ALL the time. God, how boring was I?! I also would never have considered that my bottom could be considered nice, or attractive, or sexy. Never sexy...
But, over the past six months ago, and with some help from certain people, I've learnt to love my bottom. And I want to be nice to it, and give it pretty things to wear, and it was very hard over the last couple of weeks to be stuck with BORING black cotton. Yawn.
That said, I wore black cotton ones today, but that was purely because they said "Little Miss Trouble" on them, which seemed appropriate.
Wait, you were waiting to read something about a spanking, you cry?! What can I say, I had to wait for three weeks, so you guys can wait a day or so...!


Anonymous said...

Unless you're super duper special, like me, then you would have all got told about spanking yesterday, like I did. Muahahahaha. You know what that means? Eliane loves me more than she loves all of the rest of you put together. Hehehe.

And I'm so glad you can wear pretty knickers again, Eliane. Ugly plain black ones are lame.

George said...

I got told all about it too. I understand you get told EVERYTHING smudge....even top secret stuff.

Winchester said...

Mere mortals will just have to wait of course - but from the tone of Smudge;s comment - all went well - for which we will all brath a sigh of relieved thanksgiving!

I don't like black knickers - so, although it will probably not impinge on me, I am glad for your sake that you now can wear pretty ones again. I have been wondering though just what show youhave been doing that needed knickers on display? The plays we do in our drama group don't usually get as far as that state of undress.

Oh yes - and loving our bottom and cossetting it is important: you only ever get one, and it has to last a long long time! (Stupid comment - but there).