Sunday, 2 November 2008

That's it - I'm moving!

It's November 2nd. I'm already fed up with winter. I'm fed up with it always raining, I'm seriously unimpressed that we've already had snow (the first time it snowed in October where I live since BEFORE I WAS BORN!) I'm fed up with *always* being cold, I'm fed up with it going dark at 5pm and I'm completely fed up with being stuck behind drivers doing 30 miles per hour on 60 mile per hour roads. Idiots. All in all, I HATE winter.
Anyway, if anyone who lives somewhere warm and sunny wants an incredibly untidy house guest for the next three months, please feel free to let me know.

Update: I forgot to add that I also HATE fireworks, so this adds to my November disgust. For those of you not from the UK, November 5th is Bonfire Night. This means lots of fireworks, and results in me spending the best part of two weeks hiding under my bed whenever I can.
I hate winter.


Anonymous said...

It snowed the day I was born :D In April. Then two years and one week later, it snowed the day my brother was born. My grandma didn't make it to the hospital either time, because the snow was too bad. Then it snowed when my next brother was born (though that was January), and it snowed *again* when my last brother was born, in March.

It doesn't snow now though :( We moved, and apparently the sea stops it snowing. Not fair!

Paul said...

Eliane, do you think regular spankings would make you a tidier house guest?
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Smudge, next time I will send you my snow, I promise.
Paul - I don't think anything will make me tidier... I've been like this for 30-odd years. It's a bit late to change now!

Adam's Angel said...

Oh man, we say this same thing every time winter approaches! My family is here though, so it's not like I'm really pushing it. If he wants to go and takes the first steps though, I'll follow him!

I HATE snow. I HATE icy windshield. I HATE having to wear socks.

MacGirl said...

I know! It is absolutely ridiculous! AND, this year as Nov 5th fell in the middle of the week the fireworks started last Saturday and carried on right through to last night, stupid!
At least my car doesn't leak now, my old car the roof leaked whenever it rained! When it snowed my road (or should I say hill!) turned into an ice rink and I was stuck indoors for the whole day as it was too dangerous to go out in it!
There, my rant over!
MacGirl xx