Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Well's Run Dry

It seems a break was a bad thing for my creativity levels. Instead of inspiring me to write acres of words, my (shallow at the best of times) stream of creativity has completely dried up. Bugger.
It's not that I don't feel kinky, I do fairly, there just seems to be no thoughts in my head whatsoever. None. I'm this great big void of nothingness. I'm hoping that by actually writing something down, no matter that it's a load of dross, it might kick start something? If not, I've got quite a lot of play planned for next weekend so that might do it. So, anyone seeing me next weekend, feel free to give me a good thrashing, and see if you can beat the inspiration back into me. Any other suggestions to get some sparks going in my head again also gratefully received!


Indy said...

Wine and chocolate should do the trick, but not necessarily at the same time. Or perhaps you should go knickers shopping?

Casey Morgan said...

In my experience this happens from time to time, usually for no apparent reason. It's important to remember that creativity will not be commanded. We prescribe gentleness to self, nice things, and showing up at the table regularly to try just the same. xxx

Scarlett De Winter said...

How about next time we're in a kinky situation with tops (danger...!) everytime I misbehave, you can get punished. I think this sounds like a lovely idea.