Friday, 12 February 2010

Little Hiatus

You'll have to forgive me if there aren't any posts for a few days. I'm going to be without the internet, for a very good reason: I'm moving house, to a bigger place. As I keep telling people "a grown up house".
With room for all my books (well, actually, let me wait till all the bookshelves are in before I make that massive assumption!)
Room to have people to stay "properly", rather than on a zed bed.
Room to have parties.
Room to have a dining table up all the time so I can have people round for dinner.
Room to hang my washing out in the garden.
Room to do all sorts of things I couldn't do here.

It's a little bit of a double edged sword, as this place, where I sit and type right now, was my first home as an adult. The place I bought when I was 23 and moved out of home. I've been here for getting on for ten years. My Dad came here, he knew this place, he helped me decorate, he did the DIY. He and Mum finished cooking dinner when I'd invited them round and got to drunk to finish the dinner. There will be no link to him in my new house, and I'm sure that at some point a little bit of sadness will creep in about that. At the moment though, the overwhelming emotions are those of panic, worry, and, more than anything else, excitement!

So if there are no posts for a couple weeks, you'll have to forgive me. After all, with all the kinky potential of the new place, I should have loads to post about in future :-D


Jessica said...

Can't wait to see and be spanked in the new place! You are getting that hot tub, right?

PK said...

You'll have your hands full for a while. Congratulations on the new place. Don't forget to come back and tell us all about it.


Paul said...

Eliane, moving can be very stressful, I hope that it isn't too stressful.
I hope that you get comfortable very soon.
Warm hugs,