Monday 15 February 2010

"We're Downgrading, Actually"

I am installed in my new home, and my mobile broadband is working, so I thought I would take a little pause in my unpacking efforts to blog about my trip to London.

Of course, this was one of the most important weekends of my life, so I thought it would only be appropriate to shoehorn in a visit to the Covent Garden Branch of
Coco De Mer along with all the other things I was doing. As you do.

My partner in crime on this little jaunt was the inimitable Emma Jane, and we decided to visit Coco De Mer prior to afternoon tea at the Berkeley hotel. (Another experience which is thoroughly recommended!) Once we'd found the shop, we wandered around looking at the various things for sale, and trying fairly hard not to faint at the prices. The stuff is amazing, but the vast majority of it is not for young ladies who have just had a substantial increase in their mortgage repayments!

There were however, a couple of things which caught my eye, and made their way into my hands. Unfortunately, they are both wooden... I think I was suffering from "pretty disease" again. This is where I buy something (especially knickers and implements) because they are pretty.

I'm having trouble uploading the photos, but the links to the two paddles here. First, a beautiful spatula spanker, and second, the thing I had gone for in the first place, the utterly gorgeous rubberwood paddle. I actually picked up two of the paddle, one for me and one as a present, and Emma Jane had a spatula spanker as well. As we were walking to the till, one of the assistants came up to us and enquired whether we were experienced in spanking and flogging, as the implements we were holding were quite severe.

I blushed, stammered and decided that I'd quite like to sink into the nearest hole and hide there for a while. Emma Jane, on the other hand, with great presence of mind, replied.
"Yes, we are experienced. We're downgrading, actually, with these implements."

Of course, it remains to be seen whether they can actually be classed as "downgrading". I'm sure they could be used sensually and gently, but I'm equally sure that most tops of my acquaintance will not be able to resist using them rather more than "gently"... That being said, when I've had chance to test them out properly, I'll report back!


Irelynn said...

Lol! Yes, that sounds like the kind of situation you would find yourself in. I love how sensible the store assistant was in asking you whether you were experienced in spanking. :P

Master Retep said...
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Master Retep said...

Sorry, typo, try again:

Do they not have the equivalent of the changing cubicles in a tailors, where an attentive staff member can try different patterns, check that everything fits properly and can make any necessary adjustments, or recommend a bigger size.

Unknown said...

"Experienced"? I thought the whole point of this blog is to share your inexperience.

EmmaJane said...

Ha ha I might have been talking about downgrading but you were the one telling her about our blogs!! Miss Coco de Mer if you are reading we'd like a discount please!

Indy said...

You told the assistant about your blogs? ROFL!

Excellent line, EJ. :-)

@George: surely Eliane's as inexperienced as I am innocent...

ronnie said...

What a delightful day, Coco De Mer and and afternoon tea at the Berkeley. Your right they have some lovely things but far to expensive. I bough a wooden 18" ruler with "Teach me a lesson" written on it.

Great reply from Emma Jane:)


Anonymous said...

I am infact reading your blog! i am said assistant, afraid not even i get a very good discount just the pleasure of meeting fantastic ladies such as yourselves! hope you enjoy your new toys i have the same rubberwood spanker it is beyond good.
spanks for mentioning your visit hope to see you again soon. x sarah

Paul said...

Eliane, seems that you had a great time, EJ love the line.
Warm hugs,

Sound Punishment said...

Thanks for the heads up re Coco De Mer. One rubberwood paddle now wending its way to the Sound Punishment offices. Any young lady care to be filmed for its initiation?

Eliane said...

A special shout out to Sarah from Coco de Mer! Welcome to the blog ;-)
I'm sure I'll be back to visit the shop again at some point soon and drool over the jewelled crops!

Unknown said...

Jewelled crops? Now you've got my attention. The crop is my new favourite implement.

Eliane said...

@firm_george Go for it:

Caroline Grey said...

I want a jewelled crop toooo! But I think I'll have to find a sugar-daddy first, LOL!

That is so so so cool that you actually got not only spanking implements, but increased blog traffic in one purchase! Rock on you rockstars.

(I swear to god my word verification is "subbys" -- in fact I want to take a screen shot to prove it!

catherine said...

Sheesh, Eliane, what are you like? Coco de Mer have now *sold out* of those crops!

Next time can you break the news of awesome implements to your friends first so we can get them before the rest of the world? ;)