Friday, 9 April 2010

My First Birching

I had my first ever real birching yesterday. It was to teach me a lesson, namely that I should not be a bad influence. I learnt a lesson as well.... don't get caught being a bad influence!

So what is a birching like? Well, first of all, let me explain for those who don't know something that I didn't know: there are two kinds of birches. The first is a spray birch, show here:
Spray birches are basically made up of lots and lots of twigs, leafless, but possibly (I think) with buds still left on. They are relatively light.

The so-called "Manx" birch, on the other hand, is made up off several long straight twigs bound together. As someone said to me, "like six or seven canes hitting you all at once."

The birch used on me was a spray birch (or wimpy birch!) I don't think I'm quite ready for the more hard-core version yet!
I was quite nervous, nerves made worse when I went to the bathroom and saw a whole bunch of twigs soaking in the tub! Pleas of birch pollen allergies (actually true, by the way!) were ignored, and after a rather nice dinner it appeared the time had come. Bending over the end of the bed, knickers off, skirt raised.*
The first few strokes weren't that bad, a little stingy but OK. The cumulative effect is what I've always heard people talk about, though, and they weren't wrong. The sting very quickly builds and the birch continues falling, and rapidly becomes really rather ouchy! Apparently I had 40 strokes, though if you'd paid me I wouldn't have been able to confirm or deny that. That left me with a rather warm, and slightly itchy bum, that was a delightful shade of red. I always judge how much a spanking has affected me by "bounce back time", this being the amount of time it takes for me to start being a cheeky madame again. I think it was about 10 seconds this time, so I probably could I have taken a few more strokes, but it was nice to stop when we did given how ambivalent I've been about my kink recently.
Now for the all important question: would I want to be birched again? Yes, with a spray birch. I'm not sure I'd ever be ready for its big brother!

Thank you to Abel for my first birching. Even if I have been sneezing all day today. Birch pollen allergy, you know....

*As an aside, I had worn the best skirt in the world for spanking. Silky, double layered, falls back down over your bum at the slightest movement!


EmmaJane said...

Yay been looking forward to hearing about this! Well done you for being so brave and getting over those allergies (SNICKER).

But seriously I actually think the spray is worse, OK yes you can take more with it than the manx but it is incredibly painful. And in the birching over the weeked I honestly thought the spray was worse than the manx and I had both. So I don't think it's right to call it the wimpy birch.

And I'm sure Abel will take due note that you could have taken a few more and maybe a tad harder and do the next time.

Of course if he happens to forget I'll be sure to remind him. I'm nice like that you see ;-)

Indy said...

Ten whole seconds? Wow! Well done, Abel!

Kaelah said...

Eliane, thanks for that nice introduction to birches and birching! This really sounds worth a try! Did I just say that? Hmm, I wonder, will Ludwig read that comment…??!!

Abel1234 said...

Loved reading that. It was such fun to introduce you to the birch - something I've been wanting to do for ages. And even more so to do so with a valid excuse for dealing with you :-)

And it wasn't at all a wimpy birch - it's just a different style of implement.

As for Kaelah - I do hope Ludwig's reading. Perhaps one of us should draw his attention to her commnet (being helpful, of course)? Eliane - isn't it courteous for a blogmistress to write to someone who's mentioned in the comments on her blog?

Jonathan Knight said...

The birch really stings, my friend John Burch was thrashed on the Isle of Man for his part in a pub fight. A twelve stroke judicial birching was ordered. I have seen his scars which still remain today.