Sunday, 11 April 2010

Postscript To A Birching

Some of you may have concluded from my account of my first ever birching, that I was perhaps not quite as contrite as I could have been.

Abel apparently thought the same thing. When he asked if I was sorry, I made some sort cheeky remark in response, so he bent me back over the bed, and unleashed the big gun in his arsenal of weapons... his hand.

A mere four whacks with that was enough to have me genuinely apologising, proving once again, if proof were needed, that Haron's claim that "Abel’s hand is the most awesome, most frightening weapon in his collection of implements" is indeed a true and accurate one.


Abel1234 said...

See, I know it's standard practice to *start* with a hand spanking, as a warm up. But it can be fun to do things the unconventional way sometimes!

Indy said...

As I read through these two posts again, I find myself wondering what's wrong with being a bad influence in the first place?

Having no personal knowledge of Abel's hand, I can't be specific, but I definitely think the hand is an underrated implement! One does at least get the satisfaction of knowing that the top has to endure a bit of pain for his fun, too. Unless s/he wears a glove...