Sunday, 25 April 2010

So Why Are You In Detention?

A vanilla friend on Facebook posted the link to a wonderful Huffington Post article. It is a picture story, with shots of detention slips given to people for the most ridiculous reasons.
I think my favourite is the poor boy who got detention for getting mad at his teacher when s/he insisted that a kilometre was longer than a mile...

They could be the basis for some great scenes for those of us with a liking for unfair punishment. In fact I issue a challenge to my readers. What's the silliest/most unfair reason you can come up with for someone getting whacked in detention?


Abel1234 said...

Oh, this is just fab!

I think my favourite is the one stating "Observed this student receiving oral sex from another student." The recipient ended up in detention; sadly they don't report what happened to his female friend.

Now, time to go and create blank detention slips inspired by some of the layouts on the site!

Jessica said...

As someone who has twice been pink slipped for being right when a teacher is wrong (I won't name and shame Mr S or Mr Edmunds here), I feel for the angry guy!

Have you ever wanted to spank your teacher? Like, really hard?

Caroline Grey said...

I LOVED these. I actually did get in trouble for reading a book at school when I was 8. It taught me, with sudden, blinding clarity, the meaning of "irony".

Eliane said...

@Abel - the oral sex one was pretty fabulous as well. And I'm so glad I've inspired you. (Well, not really!)

@Jessica - dare you to spank Mr S or Mr E at the next Lowewood. Seriously... I'll pay you a fiver if you manage it!

@Caroline - that's so mean, but hey, you learnt the true meaning of a word, so that's good, right?!