Friday, 23 April 2010

Reality Show Spanking

I was innocently surfing online (it happens once in a while, promise!) looking for the lastest forum gossip on a new reality TV show in the UK called Over The Rainbow, which is searching to find a leading "Dorothy" for a new production of the Wizard of Oz. (Yes, I am at least 30% stereotypical gay man.) Anyway, in my totally innocent browsing, I stumbled across this article about the latest series of Britain's Got Talent:

It's about an act, who, from the sounds of things, either performed the spanking scene from Kiss Me Kate, or possibly quoted Shakespeare while spanking. I'm trying to find a video and not having much success, so if you do, please share!

It sounds like some of us have missed out on a career opportunity though. Maybe we could do some sort of orchestrated spanking?


Anonymous said...

You're kidding. WHAT? And we missed it!

I've clearly been watching too much political programming, and too little of what really matters.

Jessica said...

I saw this today on the daily mail - and Arghghggh! i know the guy!!! thankfully, I haven't played with him for a very long time or how will I ever live it down!

Abel1234 said...

So why didn't we tune in yesterday evening, eh?

I have to say I have very mixed feelings about this. Hope you don't mind me just reproducing an extract from my response to an item on another (vanilla) site, rather than trying to paraphrase it...


I'm pretty passionate about defending the rights of kinky adults to enjoy safe, consensual activity behind closed doors.

I don't therefore condemn this couple at all for enjoying some spanking play. And, indeed, it's brave of them to do so and to launch kinky activity into such a prominent spot in the mainstream media.

What I do question is them doing so so publicly - in front of an audience that presumably contained many people who didn't want to watch spankings, as well as many underage viewers.

It's the sort of episode that risks making the wider community hostile to the kinky spanking world, or encourages mockery, when what we need is less condemnation for doing what we enjoy.

Uncle Nick said...

Your wish is my command! Please enjoy the clip - and hopefully my blog as well.

Anonymous said...

very enjoyable very petty girl spankee ,the audience and Amanda a nd co loved it spankos ? best wishes tim .