Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Clothes are funny things, aren't they? They have such power. Of course they have power over other people: witness what different impressions you can create about yourself in other people's minds dependent on what clothes you wear.
For me though, the greatest power in clothes is that which they have over the wearer. If I'm wearing sloppy, ill fitting clothes (which I rarely do) I feel sloppy and wrong. In a nice pair of jeans I feel casual, and somewhat boyish. I even stand in a more boyish way. But when I wear my favourite sort of clothes, I feel empowered, sexy, like I can do anything.
I'm quite a "girly girl", so my favourite sorts of clothes are full skirts, with pretty tops, and under that a pretty bra, cheeky knickers and a suspender belt. For me, there is something about wearing those sort of clothes that imbibes me with a huge amount of confidence. I suppose it's about knowing that I'm wearing things that suit me, and that I feel comfortable in. I stand tall and am proud of myslef. It's nice.

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EmmaJane said...

Totally agree with you, especially on the underwear. When I have a big presentation at work or something I always take extra care to wear something pretty and sexy underneath the formal clothes.

It makes me feel really good and extra confident!