Monday 6 April 2009

The Kinkiness of Prague

Prague does seem to have an inherent kinkiness to it, most of which I did not get the experience, being there with vanilla company. I'm especially gutted about the timing of my visit, being a week too early to experience the famous Easter Monday tradition in the Czech Republic, where young men whip the backs of young women's legs with plaited lengths of willow tied with ribbon... what a festival to miss! I did, however, manage to buy some of the plaited willows.

"Oh, those are pretty!" exclaimed my vanilla companion, "Are they to decorate the house for Easter?"
Um, yes, let's say they're for that, shall we?
Prague has several patron saints, one of whom is St Procopius of Sazaba, who is often portrayed with a Cat O'Nine Tails. Now that's my kind of saint!
Unfortunately, I missed the David Černý sculpture, Brown Nosing, which is to all intents and purposes someone bent over looking as though they are waiting to be caned or paddled or something. Well, in all fairness I think it is designed to be a lot more thought provoking than that, but what can I say, I've got a one track mind! So, the Futura gallery containing the sculpture will be on the list for next time.
Speaking of next time, I should really find some kinky company to go with and make use of all these thoughts that were inspired in me when I was there! My vanilla visit was lovely, but gosh, the kinky dreams I had there... wow! But that's for another post ;-)


Graham said...

I love Prague. I also went there in vanilla company, but I did manage to run around dressed sorta like a kinky schoolgirl my last night there, though. And once I was at this club and these dudes at the bar starting taking turns whacking each other on the ass with a belt. I stared shamelessly.

Winchester said...

I too love Prague - a city of great culture (opera, ballet and the like at a fraction of London prices) - wonderful architecture - friendly people - and some interesting museums - invcluding one that I was not able to visit - a museum of torture I think it was! It is definitely on my "return visit" list. Glad you enjoyed it.

One piece of official information I found strange. "Prostitution is against the law in the Czech Republic, but be sure to avoid the prostitues in Wenceslas Square as they are mostly foreign and not Czech girls". Not that I wanted to find out, but it seemed strange to say somehing is illegal and then advise about where not to practise it!