Friday, 17 April 2009

Opinion Polls

Driving home tonight, listening to PM on Radio 4, I heard an item about a competition the PM programme is doing, They are giving listeners a chance to submit a question that they have always wanted to know the nation's views on. The winning question will actually be asked as part of a nationwide opinion poll. Ones suggested so far range from the topical: "Do you really believe we can take the necessary international action, individually and collectively, to prevent a global climate disaster?" to the thoughtful: "Do you believe in a supernatural being who (which) periodically suspends or modifies universal natural laws?", to the downright silly: "Are bears catholic? Does the Pope defecate in the woods?"

I'm thinking about submitting some things that I would really like to hear the nations views on. So far I've come up with the following:
"Have you taken part in consensual spanking, as either spanker or spankee?"
"Which do you prefer using/experiencing: wood or leather?"
"Is there a more perfect part of a woman's body than a spankable bum?"
"Do you think your stress levels would be more manageable if you had a nice spanking every once in a while?"
"Do you ever wonder what those strange slapping noises are coming from the neighbours' bedroom? Would you like us to explain?"

If you have your own question, here is the place to submit it:


Kami Robertson said...

Oh yes, I would love to hear the 'global' answer to the first question :)

Along with 'have you ever thought about taking part in consensual spanking, either as spanker or spankee?'

Hermione said...

I listen to BBC on my computer at work from time to time, but usually just for "The Archers". Must try to find that program.