Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Getting the dream back

After my recent bout of whinging about my kink-free dreams, I seem to have discovered the best way to get them back: cut yourself off from any real source of kinkiness for a couple of days and ba-boom, there you go. Or at least that's what happened in Prague: every night I had kinky dreams, some were incredibly hot, some strange, and some just downright amusing. The funniest I recall was the one where I was making a film (that's how we know it's a dream, and also the main reason why it was funny!). It was actually my first film, and therefore the makers were being extremely nice to me and caning me so gently I could barely feel it.
Now in real life I've been known to burst into tears at the mere sound of a cane being swished behind me, but it seems in my dream, I got fed up, stood up, turned around and said "Come on guys, put some welly into it!" So that's another reason I know it was a dream. I think the biggest clue, though, was the fact that I seemed to be bent over and holding onto a very large tin of paint. As you do...
Rest assured that the rest of the dreams were *much* better than that, in fact one was so hot, that I was still obsessing over it two days later. I'm not about to share the details of that one though :-D
So for those of you wanting to know how to get your kinky dreams back, here is my solution. Go and spend time in another country, in vanilla company, cut off from all your sources of kink. Not the most practical solution though... sorry!

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