Thursday, 30 April 2009

Turning it on and off

The brain is a funny thing. I've got a play date tonight. Usually I would spend most of the day thinking, squirming, anticipating. Today, however, I've had a huge day at work, so I just have not been able to think about tonight at all. It's not like I've had to stop myself thinking about it, my brain just hasn't even gone down that path.
The minute the last meeting finished, though, and I was back at my desk, I relaxed and wham, immediately I had that squirming sensation back. I hadn't even consciously thought "ah yes, I'm playing tonight, I'm going to be caned, ooh how exciting". Instead without even conscious thought being applied, I knew that I was now OK to start anticipating what lay ahead. So as I'm writing this I'm sitting here squirming at my desk, knowing that tomorrow I will be squirming oh so much more, on a striped bottom. And boy is that a hot thought.

It's terribly fun being turned on at work, isn't it ;-)

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Alyx said...

I've often thought, "Thank God our thoughts are not visible above our heads, like balloons in the comic strips!" Because the number of times at work I'm sitting there with the tiniest smile on my face and the kinkiest scenarios running through my brain are just too many to count. I do like my job now and get totally engrossed in it too, but those fantasies definitely add spice to one's day, don't they? *bg*