Thursday, 16 April 2009

What I Learned On Tuesday Night

Because, after all, one should always learn a lesson from a spanking!
  • Hands hurt. Yes, I know I already knew this one, but I seem to forget.
  • My handbag can fit a flogger, a tawse and a strap in it as well as all its usual crap.
  • My little strap is a stingy little bugger. That was a silly purchase on my part.
  • As much as I whinge and whine my way through them, I love tawses.
  • Ditto being spanked in general. And yes, I do whinge and whine my way through every single one.
  • My favourite phrase is "not so fast".
  • Yes, I do try to top from the bottom. So sue me.
  • I'm getting an awful lot better at staying in position. This impresses me.
  • Sometimes talking is as much fun as anything else.
  • Wearing pretty lacey/mesh knickers because they are pretty and girly is a bad idea when being spanked. They hold in the heat a lot more and quite frankly itch when put back on.
  • This is why I should always favour my sassy cotton ones with things like "Little Miss Trouble" on them, as they as so much more comfortable post spanking.
  • It doesn't help in the meshy ones are, well, a snug fit. (Read a size too small but they were soooo pretty. The matching bra is a size too big, but also too pretty to resist.)
  • The cane can still make me feel like I'm going to throw up.
  • Though I managed well enough to gain six lovely little welts on my bum.
  • Actually, not that little.
  • Nothing makes me behave better quicker than the threat of a hairbrush.
  • I very rarely let go enough to really give myself up to a spanking.
  • People say I will do so when I find someone I truly trust.
  • I think it's more a question of me trusting myself than my trust in anyone else.
  • I wish I *could* let go. Subspace sounds like fun.
  • Spankings hurt.
  • I LOVE being spanked.

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