Thursday, 19 November 2009


Emma Jane blogged yesterday about receiving 100,000 hits to her blog. This post caused a couple of us to wonder what her reward should be? Maybe 100,000 spanks? But how many tops would you need to inflict 100,000 spanks?
Let's see if we can do some maths....

First of all, an assumption. Let's assume we are talking about hand spanks. I don't know for sure, but I imagine 200 hand spanks in one go is plenty for a top to dish out. It could get a little wearing on their hands otherwise.

So 100,000 / 200 = 500 tops. Wow. That's a LOT of tops.

Um, OK, change in tactic. Maybe we allow the tops implements, and then they can deliver, say, 500 strokes before tiredness sets in. This would mean 200 tops. Slightly better.

That's still an awful lot of tops, though. And, to be fair to EmmaJane, 100,000 strokes of anything, hand or implement, is an awful lot to take. Maybe we should all join in to help her out.

Oh the dilemmas... so what should be the ideal scenario:

EJ and 500 tops giving hand spankings?
EJ and 200 tops giving implement spankings?
EJ and friends sharing the spanks an d the tops between them?
Eliane shutting up and stopping stirring?

I imagine I know what EJ would prefer!


Simon said...

Or EJ giving Eliane 100,000 spanks for stirring?

Or maybe one spank for every 100 posts?

Alyx said...

Perhaps 10 of her closest friends take 1000 spanks each? Or maybe Emma Jane should be the one to distribute them as she sees fit. Something tells me you may get more than your fair share, Eliane. *g*

Paul said...

Eliane, so someone is feeling a little mischievous today? WEG
By the look of EJ's derrière, she is quite capable of sorting her own spanking.
Warm hugsw,

Master Retep said...

How about EJ shutting up and stopping boasting?

Caroline Grey said...

Haha M. Retep, I like your style!

Poor EJ, everyone is against her!

I'd feel much sorrier for her if I didn't suspect she likes it that way!