Tuesday 10 November 2009

Weekend Vignettes

It was, as predicted, a rather out of hand weekend. Bigger posts will be coming but for now, here are some vignettes, to give you a flavour.

Quote of the weekend, from EmmaJane, sitting in my car waiting at the station for a friend, after our Winterbrook play date:
“You know, my bum is still radiating heat from that caning.”
“Um, EJ, you do know that you've got the heated seat on, don't you?!”

The party I hosted on Saturday is somewhat of a blur, to be honest. This may be to do with the fact that someone spiked my glass with Champagne. I do remember that my beautiful Italian wooden spoon died a horrible death on EmmaJane's bum. I did get to experience it though, earlier in the evening, when said guilty rear's owner used it on me, as a fitting punishment for spending too much money on holiday. She gave me 14 strokes as it cost 14 euro. (Well, sort of cost 14 euro), so yes, I got to feel it. She very naughtily broke it later on though. She would claim that Jessica was the one who did the breaking, as she was the spanker. I, of course, know better.

I know I got spanked. I think I remember being pulled over someone's lap. No idea why, and only a vague idea who... I also do remember somebody spanking me as I was on the bed, and rolling away quite a lot because it hurt. Again, no real recollection who it was that was doing the spanking! If anyone wants to enlighten me, I'd be awfully grateful.

I had another little spanking mishap myself, at my party. Someone was bent over on the sofa (don't ask who, this is not me being discreet, I can't remember for the life of me), and I decided that I was going to have have another attempt at becoming a spanker. So, I pulled back my hand, ready to let rip. And smacked it RIGHT into someone's foot. It hurt. A lot. This time I really am giving up trying.


EmmaJane said...

I'd love to help you out but some serious gaps in my memory too.

And hey my bottom was also radiating heat from the caning!!!!


Graham said...

Still find it hilarious that EJ said that... and that her ass broke the "14 euro" (heh) spoon... Lots of hilarity centered around you and EJ lately!

Unfortunately, I can't remember who spanked you either. But I can remember everybody who spanked me, so at least there's that! (I also recall you getting me flogged, then asking me if I was sorry, and neither of us remembering what I was supposed to be sorry for!)

Ah, memories : )

Indy said...

You put on the seat warmers in your car after being caned? Oh, my, that's almost as mean as a punishment imposition.

At other times, I love my seat warmers.

Rebecca said...

Foot spanking?! That's just kinky ;-) twas a fabulous party xox

Paul said...

Eliane, sounds like everybody had a great time. :D
Warm hugs,

Pandora Blake said...

That last sentence has given me the serious giggles :) Glad so much fun was had! Hope the hangovers weren't too bad...

Alyx said...

That was funny! Clearly the amount of general overindulgence is inversely proportional to the amount one remembers. *LOL* Sounds like a wonderful time indeed! :)

Eliane said...

I'm glad you all found my um, "memory loss" amusing :-D