Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Spanko Map

Well, I was bored, and, inspired by a conversation with a friend, I created this:

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It's a Spanko Map of the UK - complete with potential places of interest for spankos... though, let's be honest, any old cookshop with wooden spoons can be interesting for spankos!

If you can think of anywhere, in or out of the UK, let me know and I'll add it. Or I might add some more, next time I'm bored.


Abel1234 said...

Said friend is duly impressed by your technical verve in setting this up!

Scotland Street School in Glasgow surely has to appear whilst Beamish Museum, up in the north-east, has a lovely schoolroom complete with tawse.

Inverary Jail, with its whipping bench, must also merit a mention!

There must be some nice birch groves out there, too? I can tell that I'm going to be pondering this all day!

Hermione said...

How very intriguing! A brilliant idea!

I wonder what a map of Canada might look like?


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...
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Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Eliane, for those of us not familiar with the British spanking scene you need to include a legend of some sort, to tell what the attractions are at each of the spots you've marked. Hope that's not too much to ask. This map could come in handy some day if I go on holiday to Europe

Alyx said...

Someone mentioned to me, AFTER my visit there, that Camden Town was a kinky place. More BDSMish/goth-ish than spanking, but I'm still bummed to know I could've gotten a tawse while shopping there and I missed the opportunity!