Saturday, 7 November 2009

An Out Of Hand Weekend

I have a rather insane weekend, this weekend. Four different events, only one of them vanilla, various people staying over, catering for large numbers (large for me, 'kay? I'm no Nigella Lawson!) Where I have to be and when I have to be there is planned somewhat like a military operation. As I write this, I'm making it all sound like it's some sort of hassle, which it's not at all. Apart from a certain amount of logistical stress, I've been excited about it for weeks. The desserts are prepared (and people even vaguely contemplating weight loss will be warned off the tray bake which probably has any sane person's daily calorie intake in one slice), the house is clean, the fizz to get the advance part drunk before the other guests arrive is chilling. As is the rest of the alcohol. The house is clean, the beds are made, the maximum amount of space possible has been created in my lounge. But one question remains:

What state will my bottom be in by the end of the weekend?

It sounds like an obvious question: three kinky events = one sore bottom. But, this could go one of two ways. I will definitely get a sore bum at one event, a play date with my fellow Winterbrook authors, but what about the other two parties? Well, who knows at my own - after all I will be trying to be the perfect (drunk!) hostess, and people may not want to spank the hostess. Spanking the hostess surely brings a risk that she will deny you access to food and drink?! Or possibly NOT spanking the hostess brings that risk.
As for the other event, well, I tend to be on my best behaviour in big groups, partly through my innate shyness (don't all laugh at once, I AM shy, I just hide it well!), and partly through my innate goodness (I *said* stop laughing!) This means the likelihood of whacking is low.

So, as I said, an out of hand weekend. I will certainly have a sore head by Monday. I imagine exhaustion is on the cards as well. But will I have a sore bum? Well, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out!


Paul said...

Eliane, as I said to EJ, you are doing a great job on Winterbrook, I'm loving it, and no I'm not easy to satisfy. :D
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

Well, you did get spanked, didn't you madam? Despite being the hostess. And you were a great one as well, fabulous evening. See you at ours later!

Scarlett De Winter said...

You really did get very spanked... and really quite pissed. How's the hangover? See you later. xx