Saturday, 5 December 2009


My inner exhibitionist and I have a funny relationship In some scenarios, I am the shyest person around. I am often beaten over the head at work (metaphorically) as I'm not that fond of racing around blowing my own trumpet (metaphor, people, metaphor!) which is the acknowledged way of progressing in my organisation. I am told that I will never be truly successful unless I can start doing this more, but I am just too shy, and it pains me to do it.

On the other hand, in the right situation, I am a total exhibitionist. In groups that I feel comfortable with, I will be singing, dancing around, and generally showing off. I will be loud, sometimes obnoxious, sometimes the life and soul of the party.

One thing I have never been though, is an exhibitionist about my looks. Mostly because I'm not (by any stretch of the imagination) what one would consider classically beautiful or attractive. But this post isn't about me putting myself down. It's about how I seem to be discovering a strange delight in flaunting my bum to the world. Graham wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about posting photos (or not) of ones denuded rear. She said that "exhibitionism.... (was) a little questionable on the motivation front". And she's totally right, it is.

That doesn't seem to be stopping me, however. At first I limited my "naked bum" outing to Fetlife, which is a login only site, and cannot be accessed by anyone without a login. Of course, there's nothing stopping anyone getting a login, but there is some element of security. Then, in late September, I posted a semi-bum shot on Twitpic/Twitter for Mad For Plaid day. Today, I went further, and posted a picture of my bottom, complete with cane stripes from last night on Twitpic. And I'm going to go even further, and post it here, because, well, I thought, why the hell not? Who knows how long it will stay up? It might come down pretty soon if I freak out, but there's not exactly much there to identify me unless you are intimately acquainted with my knicker collection, in which case I probably don't care about you seeing my caned rear shots any.

So here we go. With no small amount of fanfare, my bum:


Rebecca said...

Yeowch! Pretty painful stripes though :-) didn't post on your other post but glad you had a good cathartic time xx

Graham said...

I should clarify that exhibitionism is questionable as a motivator if one isn't actually an exhibitionist... In my case, my inner control freak and guarded-wary-paranaoiac is far stronger. Also, I love it when other people are exhibitionistic, as it allows me to look at pretty photos like these! Not only is it a lovely shot, I think you've actually succeeded in making me feel sympathy for you ; )

Haron said...

The world deserves to be treated to the view of your bum, Eliane. Nice of you to finally recognise this!

Paul said...

Eliane, I take exception of your use of the word obnoxious, I doubt if any of your friends have called you that.
Your bum looks sore, but one to be proud off.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

And a beautiful bum it is to, to be sure.

Irelynn said...

Nice marks! I do love cane marks, they're great. My Girls Boarding School ones lasted for two whole weeks. It was cane mark heaven. ;)

And I think you're beautiful! You're on my keyring you know, with Viola and myself.

(Oh look! My word verification is extactic. Which is so appropriate when talking about cane marks. :P)

Eliane said...

Aw, thank you all so much for the sweet comments. I haven't freaked out about it yet, so it will probably stay up for a while.
And I am still digging those marks. Sick, aren't I?!

Abel1234 said...

How very lovely!